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Help! My Erections Have Turned Soft and Now My Sex Life is Drying up like the Sahara Desert – What Can I Do to Reverse This Tragedy?

Here, a man is suffering from a recent case of droopy d*ck and is wondering what he should do. His sex life has tapered off and his only chance of getting back into the game is finding a solution...
Case #: 2031

I need your help badly. I am a guy who just turned 33 and used to get solid erections. I drink and party a lot because my job is very stressful. I also masturbate sometimes even if I’m seeing a chick or three.

In the last year or so I’ve been getting saggy erections. The last time I tried to get it on with a girl, my penis felt like a soft noodle and no matter how hard I tried to squiggle it into her vagina it just wouldn’t get hard. It was so embarrassing!
How can I get some solution to this? I prefer something non-invasive and all-natural.
Rory and Rachel had met at a bar and discovered that they had many common interest, including the fact that they were both tired of the bar scene and wanted more of a serious relationship. Rory had just turned 34 and Rachel was 25 and a bundle of energy.
A week after they met, Rachel invited Rory over since she wanted to “watch a movie” with him and “cuddle.” After taking some whiskey shots, they ended up making out feverishly on her couch and then moved into her bedroom. After tearing each other’s clothes off, Rachel laid back and spread her legs and Rory mounted her.

His penis had initially been a little stiff when they had been making out, but when he tried to insert it into her waiting vagina, it felt like he was trying to guide a limp water balloon into her. He tried in vain again and again to bend it in, but to no avail.
Rachel smiled and looked at him as if he’d farted under the sheets and she’d caught a whiff. Shortly thereafter she put her clothes back on and left.
Oh…the Shame & Embarrassment

Similar to your experience, Rory had the intention to have sexual intercourse with his would-be sex partner, but that alone wasn’t enough. Sometimes your mind can conceptualize the act of sex, but your body doesn’t receive the proper signaling and you can end up embarrassing yourself.
Many factors can contribute to a soft erection, including drug and alcohol abuse, age, stress and anxiety, penile injuries, and over-masturbation. All of these can also deplete your body’s neurotransmitters and androgen hormones.
When these are inhibited, the neural impulses that the trigger growth factors (including testosterone) needed to power an erection fail to activate leaving you and your member dead in the water. So how can a man avoid this potentially depressing situation?
Botanical Berry Boost

Schisandra, which is normally used to remedy digestive and liver issues, can also work wonders for erection problems. (TRY: Schisandra for Bigger and Healthier Erections) Whether as an extracted solution or whole, these exotic little red berries can help with a whole plethora of health issues, including:

  • Increasing blood circulation for enhanced penile saturation
  • Alleviating stress and anxiety
  • Eliminating free radicals and detoxifying your body
  • Reducing fatigue and providing a natural energy boost throughout the day
  • Enhancing mood and general sense of well-being

These augmentations have synergistic effects that can not only help men to recover from erectile dysfunction, but can also elevate their general sense of mental health as well as provide physical reparations. Get yours today and turn that saggy water balloon into a jackhammer ready to drill!

What to do

Schisandra for a Healthier Erection

A weak Willie is a sad Willie.

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