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The Storm in Your Body – Pain Associated with Menopause

A young man has turned to marijuana as a way of coping with the stress, but unbeknownst to him this is only compounding the problem. How? Read on and find out.

Case #: 1211


I am concerned about some lower abdominal pains that I have after sex, pain that occurs immediately or within a few hours later. Sometimes the pains or cramps affect the low abdomen, perineum, anus and tailbone. I experience so much pain that it feels worse than labor. Please help!


I really enjoy heading to the beach on a hot summer day. Everyone is sunbathing, playing Frisbee or enjoying the water. What’s really fun is taking my shirt off, walking into the water, and feeling the coolness (and many-times coldness) envelope my body. Talk about invigorating!

Approaching Storm

Paddling around in the shallows and playing with the waves is always fun too. I always keep an eye out however, for changes in the tide, which can switch in an instant and become more dangerous. Sometimes an undertow can develop and sweep you right off your feet and out to sea. But what really can hurt you is when a storm rolls in and causes sudden changes in the tidal currents, which result in bigger and bigger waves. They can become so large that they can toss you around like a ragdoll.

Menopause can be looked at as a kind of tidal shift for women in their 40s and even early 50s. It’s a transition from fertility to infertility that harkens to a new era of a woman’s life. This transition is accompanied by a host of changes including a dramatic alteration in hormonal levels and uterine prolapsing. According to the University of Michigan Health System, uterine and pelvic prolapsing is when pressure increases around the vaginal walls that pushes the vagina downward.

Muscles surrounding the vaginal opening keep it from being pushed outward. The pelvic ligaments, meanwhile, support the vaginal walls and hold them in place. Menopause is a storm that causes painful waves to reverberate throughout the lower region of your abdominal cavity, effecting your uterus, bladder, vagina, rectum and anus. As your uterine-support ligaments contract, they start to affect adjacent nerves that cause additional discomfort. But there is hope!

Calming the Storm

Consider taking a powerful healing formula. These herbal mixtures can greatly reduce the stabbing-pain sensations that menstruation causes. (TRY: Natural Remedy for Cramp Fighting) Natural remedies, unlike traditional medications that can be toxic to your liver, alleviate menstrual cramps. The specialized ingredients contained within these mixtures, such as Cramp Bark, improve your hormone production by cleaning out toxins from your liver and releasing a natural sedative that eliminates pain and boosts your cortisol levels. Over time you’ll be enjoying calmer, pain-free waters once again.

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