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The Sexual Side Effects of Reefer Madness - Can't Ejaculate During Sex

Hear one man's story about how habitual marijuana use contributed to a not-so-hot sex life, and find out the shocking truth about cannabis and sexual dysfunction.

Case #: 672


When I have intercourse, it's impossible for me to have an orgasm inside of her. This never happened in my life. I masturbate every day and have no problem with an orgasm. But I would love to come inside of my girlfriend. Because now I have to help myself. People I spoke to tell me it's between the ears, but I don't know how to solve it. I see on your site that pot smoking is a problem. I've already smoked for 20 years and don't have problems with it, but maybe this is of influence. Please give me advice how to solve this problem.


From Cheech & Chong to Harold & Kumar, countless popular culture icons have glamorized habitual marijuana use, making the drug appear not only harmless, but essential for a good time.

Unfortunately, we've all been duped by these iconic portrayals. So does that mean that marijuana truly is the death drug portrayed in Reefer Madness, guaranteed to turn you into a cannibal and drive your sister to uncontrollable lesbianism?

Well, no. As is usually the case in life, the truth is far more complicated than the hype. The herb won't cause you to eat your parents, but habitual marijuana use can actually inhibit your sexual function, and that's really not groovy, man.

Mind Games – The Psychology of Sexual Dysfunction

But first, I want to address the psychological aspect of your sexual problems. You mention that you have no problem releasing the beast during self-love sessions, but you can't erupt the volcano if there's an actual vagina on top of if (okay, that's enough with the cheesy clichés, I promise). It definitely sounds like there's a psychological element at work here.

Do you have feelings of inadequacy when you're making love to your girlfriend? Are you afraid of pregnancy or disease? There may be a lot going on beneath the surface, and I would recommend having an honest heart-to-heart conversation before things get any more awkward. Maybe you can work it out together. But I'm also concerned about the 20 years of marijuana use.

So Shaggy and Scooby Were Impotent?

Pro-marijuana advocates argue that cannabis is not only harmless, but extremely beneficial. Meanwhile, anti-marijuana advocates argue that marijuana is a gateway drug that will ultimately destroy you.

Well, both sides are wrong. Marijuana won't turn you into a hopeless junkie, but it's not without its side effects. For instance, did you know that marijuana use can cause impotence? That's right. When you light up, your body increases its production of prostaglandin E-2, an inflammatory hormone.

This hormone is great when in balance, but too much of it constricts the arteries, and healthy arteries are essential for healthy erections. So I would definitely recommend that you toss out the cannabis. If you're looking for inner peace, try yoga.

Getting Back on Track

As far as improving your erections, I would recommend an herbal remedy (SEE: Cannabis Detox & Poor Erection Recovery) containing Alima Plantago, American Ginseng, Cornus and Cuscuta. Alima Plantago will help you to detox, while ginseng enhances nitric oxide and acetylcholine production in your body (essential for healthy sexual function) and cornus improves blood flow to the penis. After all, you don't need weed to have a good time. Mind-blowing sex is better than any drug, and that's something we can all agree on.

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