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The Sky is Falling on My Penis! – Blood Appearing in Semen

A gentleman writes in highly concerned (and rightfully so) about blood suddenly turning up in his ejaculations, accompanied by some pains. How is he to overcome this distressing issue?

Case #: 1611


While having sex last time when I was about to ejaculate I got a really intense burning sensation in my penis. After I ejaculated, I noticed blood mixed in with my semen coming from my penis. Is this really serious? I was diagnosed with Prostatitis a few months ago, and now I'm worried.


Brian had been having regular sex with his partner Julie for a solid month already and he was feeling great about life right now. And at age 54, Brian was still having a wonderful sex life.

Too Much of a Good Thing Can Sometimes Hurt

Not even the rush hour traffic could get him down. Julie had matched his high sex-drive and hadn’t nagged him at all, as most women had in the past, making her almost the perfect woman. They’d just hook up over at her place and do-the-do; not a lot of perfunctory BS was required. Indeed, in just the past couple of weeks, Brian and Julie had engaged in four sex sessions, which had provided them both with multiple orgasms throughout hours of hot and steamy humpin’.

And after your hump session to see blood can present worry for partners. Men like Brian tend to experience blood following a prostate biopsy, a normal symptom that goes away within two weeks. However, persistent blood appearing inside the blood can signal an issue for men, and in most instances, the sign of blood is likely caused by Prostatitis. As men develop Prostatitis, inflammation to the muscles and organ can lead to bloody ejaculations.

Potent Prostate Power

First, get yourself checked out by your doctor. Barring that is isn’t something more serious, taking a natural healing remedy can go a long way in aiding you in your recovery process. Pygeum, for example, aids in the process of prostate swelling and inflammation by reducing the amount of blood present inside semen. More importantly, Pygeum contains phytosterols and beta-sitosterol that work as anti-inflammatory substances, which shrink the prostate and stop blood from entering the urethra.

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