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Crouching Boner, Hidden Penis – Penis Pumps and “Pieces of Meat”

Here’s a gentleman who has been whacking the wizard way too much and has noticed that it has started to shrivel up. Not only that, but he can’t maintain those hard-ons he used to. What’s going on here? Let’s find out...

Case #: 1468


I am 23 years old now and I have been masturbating since I was 14 years old. For the past 3 years I have been masturbating very, very frequently (more than my early age). I masturbate and also have sex very frequently. My penis has shrunk by 1 inch and I lose my erection very easily. I have read some of the case studies but I don't see any for both concerns.


You’re standing on the bridge, trying not to act terrified. You’re right in the middle of it where all the onlookers can see you clearly. You look down; heck it must be about 300 feet down you figure.

Big…Epic Fail!

Good, the farther down the better, for what you have planned. Taking a few deep breathes you scan the crowd and see your girlfriend looking on, a scared look in her eyes. I’ll show you all, you say to yourself. Oh, and look over there, isn’t that your boss who said you don’t have any balls, and insinuated that if you were going to do this, to just go ahead and do it instead of blabbering about it? Well, he’s about to find out what kind of balls you really have; you’ll show his a**. Taking a final deep breath, you look up and make a silent prayer to your maker, and then dramatically close your eyes. You are ready.

Taking a step off the bridge, you start to plummet through the air. Your heart pounds in your chest and you start to feel a sudden ultimate rush when…BOING! The tether attached to your ankle pulls you back up unexpectedly and you barely bounce at all. If that weren’t enough of a buzzkill, you sprain your ankle in the process due to the cords inelasticity. Boos start to emanate from the crowd.

Masturbation, like bungee-jumping, can provide a real climactic rush culminating in a climax that is hard to explain. But let’s say that you’ve been indulging in a little too much self-sexy time and that now your penis is becoming smaller. Just as if you use a bungee cord too much it can become stiffer and less stretchable, so can the fibrous sheath within your tiny interconnect penile blood chambers (corpus cavernosum) accumulate too much scar tissue.

Over time, this form of self-abuse can cause the interior workings of your penis to become less malleable and therefore more rigid, and begin to shrink. So how can you not only stop this shrinkage but also gain back some size?

Popping Stiffy’s Once Again

Since you’re in a severely addictive stage of over masturbation, try easing off of it by reducing your weekly volume. Cut back 1 session per week each week until you are in the range of 3 to 4 times per week, this is normal. Look, masturbation in of itself isn’t bad, everyone does it; but when you engage in it too much symptoms can start to appear.

One way that you can hope to really make some gains is by taking a powerful herbal mixture. These can really help you by providing growth factors such as HGH, testosterone, PGE-1, and nitric oxide, in order to promote penile growth by allowing your blood chambers to hold more blood. (TRY: Herbal Formula for Penis Enlargement & Growth) Over time, this enhanced elasticity will become permanent, and that’s where you can experience real gains in penile size (both width and length). If that weren’t enough, they can also help to erode any plaque build-up that is also caused by abusive masturbation. So what are you waiting for?

Keep in mind that this special solution may not be suitable for you if you have high blood pressure or diabetes.

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