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His Size Does Matter To Me: Show Him How To Gain Girth

Does your man's 'situation' seem a bit off to you? If you could compare your boyfriend's penis to a deflated balloon animal, then we need to talk.
Case #: 1887

I have been with my boyfriend for about three months now. We wanted to take things slow in the beginning, so we actually just started having sex a few weeks ago. I wouldn't say I'm dissatisfied in the bedroom, but there is something kind of weird going on down below. He's long, but it seems like he's lacking a lot of girth. Is there anything to be done about this?

Just like breasts, penis's come in all shapes and sizes. Some are short and stumpy, some are long and fat, and some are long and skinny. An important thing to remember in these types of situations is that we are all meant to be different. Variety is, after all, the spice of life. If every man that you ever slept with during your entire life had the same exact bodily features, I bet sex would get pretty boring after boyfriend number three.
The Swizzle Stick

If I went with my first instinct, I'd say that as long as you are being well satisfied during intercourse, it shouldn't matter whether his penis falls under the category of 'esthetically pleasing.' However, if your man has also expressed a want to improve upon his lack luster girth, there are some helpful products out there to get the job done.
Growing And Showing

Typically, a man who is looking into penis enlargement is not that concerned with girth. Most synthetic enlargement supplements will boast about how strong and long they can get your man, but they usually say nothing about improving the surrounding area.
In the case of growing girth, I would suggest going the topical cream route. The creams will work in one of two ways. Either it will help to encourage more blood to rush towards the penis, in order expand the surrounding tissue, or it will increase the growth of the tissue in order to hold more blood than usual.
In this case, it is very important to pay close attention to how the product claims it will increase your size and girth. A cream that enlarges by redirecting blood flow will make a wider, longer erection possible. A cream that focuses on the tissue expansion will most likely only add inches to your length, and do nothing for the width. A product that will enlarge the chambers within the shaft of the penis is really your best bet. (TRY: Penis Width Enhancing Cream) That way, more blood is able to collect within the shaft than normal.
The biggest struggle when searching for the right supplement or cream, will be sifting through the countless companies that claim they can really grow your penis to incredible lengths in no time at all. These fly-by-night businesses have set up shop on the internet, and they're not going away any time soon. You must do your homework when it comes to these types of things. Read the ingredients, ask the supplier all the questions you may have, and if it looks sketchy don't take it!
Lay It On Him

Once again, if your man doesn't seem to have a problem with his length or girth, then neither should you. As long as he is comfortable with the way that his body looks, you should just support him. . .Especially if he's good in bed. But, if he does express some desire to improve his girth, I'd advise you to ease him into things. Don't bum rush him with information like you've just been waiting in the wings for him to get up on his girth game.

What to do

Penis Cream Guide Guide For Width Enhancement

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