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Repairing an Injured Penis Or Else…

Years of dry humping his bed led to some serious penile injuries.

Case #: 29943


I, like any teenager, found pornography magazines fascinating. Seeing a woman naked felt alluring—even thrilling! I would sit on my bed for hours, flipping through picture after picture. I would read and look at certain magazines so much that I knew the exact page of my favorite centerfold. My incessant desires led to experimentation. At first, I would read and stare at the magazine. Then, I would read and stare at the magazine while masturbating. Finally, I would stare at the magazine then dry hump my bed. When I would dry hump the bed, I would point my penis toward my feet. Doing so allowed me to hold my ejaculation long enough to run to the restroom and release into the toilet. I found this method useful as it created no mess afterward.

After years of dry humping, I started to pee blood. The pain became unbearable, and I too felt embarrassed to say anything to doctors or my parents. Now, my erections feel much weaker. Even when I orgasm, my ejaculation dribbles rather than shoots out. Sex has become painful, rather than enjoyable. My wife has become unhappy, while my happiness too has dipped. Please, what can I do to help my erections return to normal?


Youths do some crazy experimentation. Some enjoy asserting pain on their bodies to gain pleasure. Others enjoy suffocating to ejaculation, while some teens spend hours masturbating till their penises almost fall off. It seems that you experimented a bit too much during your youth leading to your current problem. Now, it appears you have severely damaged the urethra when you bent the penis toward your feet.

Discovering The Damage

Think of the erect penis like a water balloon. In its filled state, the balloon can easily withhold water without any major problems. Squeeze the balloon too hard and it will pop. Bend it and it pops. Poke it with a needle and it pops. You get the idea. Your erect penis, like the balloon, requires care.

Dry humping your bed while the penis remains in an awkward position can rupture the blood vessels, damage tissue, and destroy the urethra. When you bend a hose, the flow of water becomes constricted.

When the penis becomes bent for extended periods, it cannot pump blood into the penile chambers as effective as before. The added pressure likely ruptured blood vessels and damaged tissue, causing the bleeding, weak ejaculations and weak erections.

A Helping Hand

In your troubled state, you need to stop dry humping. Your penis has suffered severe trauma, and now, months of rehab will be required to help restore it to its original state. When the penile tissue, vessels or nerve endings experience trauma, erections start to weaken, ejaculations become painful and blood starts to exude while peeing.

All are common signs of a damaged penis. The penis will require proper nutrients to help it function well again. Nutrients all-natural supplements can provide you with (SEE: Penile Injury & Nerve Rejuvenation Solution). These nutrients from all-natural products will too speed up the recovery time for your injury. Just do not expect these products to be an instant fix for your problems. No, the process for healing will still take months.

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