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Rubbing You the Wrong Way

A gentleman writes in about some irritation on his penis that needs help. We’re here to address his concerns...

Case #: 1681


I have really dry skin on the foreskin of my penis and it stretches all the way around and it is red and really dry. I am not dumb, I apply cream at least 4 times a day so that it will go away but then it ends up coming back again. I don't understand why this keeps happening. What should I do about this? Please help me.


Uncircumcised guys really have the best and worst of two worlds. On one hand since their glans aka penis head is able to hide out under the foreskin; it allows it to develop in a protected environment which protects its level of sensitivity for heightened sexual prelature and arousal. On the other, all that skin folded up over the penis is more prone to collecting dried sperm, dead skin cells, and bacteria, which leads to skin infections and a whole host of other maladies.

Another common issue is that since the glans is under the foreskin, when it comes out to play it is also more sensitive and delicate when it comes to rough masturbation, as when a man uses his hand on his member too coarsely. It is also more vulnerable to irritants such as perfumed soaps and lotions, and detergents. Unfortunately, many products out there that promise to moisturize a man’s ding-dong often have the opposite effect; they dry it out.

Retreat into…Danger!

Add to this that as your skin naturally sheds itself of skin in order to prevent infections and diseases from developing, in some cases since the skin is trapped underneath the foreskin in a tight space, it can create a moist and warm place for these unwanted problems to thrive and spread instead. And once again, when the glans is exposed to the elements and its epidermal layer is worn down or otherwise compromised, it affords less protection when retracted back into this hostile environment, further exacerbating issues. So how do you get out of this rut?

Super-Natural Healing

If you are masturbating, refrain from doing so for a while; at least until your dry penis issue is taken care of. Certain factors can also contribute to penile dryness, such as scrubbing your junk too harshly in the shower, soaps and lotions that can irritate your skin, and using scalding hot water to wash with.

You may consider ditching your current lotions since evidently they aren’t working, and trying a more natural solution which is healthier for your body. (SEE: Natural Penile Hydrating Creams for Dry Penis) In addition, these useful remedies can promote more blood flow to your penis, as well as provide truly long-lasting penile (and vaginal if with a partner) lubrication. They can also dissolve any built-up scar tissue which may have resulted from excessive masturbation as well as repairing and renewing damaged nerve endings for heightened pleasure.

So make the healthy choice and get started on the path back from having an arid penis.

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