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When the Limpness Fairy Visits You Penis – Blow Her Away With an All-Natural DHEA Supplement

Many men have fun in their 20s, experimenting with sex and seeing what works for them and what doesn’t. When men get fixated and become sex-junkies or masturbation addicts, things can make a turn for the worse. Find out how this can happen, and what to do about it if you’re experiencing some flaccid moments.
Case #: 2029

I need some help fast! I’ve been a naughty boy and used to really tear it up sexually when I was in my 20s. I was pouncing from bed to bed and really drilling a lot of honeys.
When I hit my early 30s I started noticing that my boners started cooling off. I tried masturbating more since I thought that it would stimulate a harder erection once again, but it only seemed to make things worse.
Now I can barely get anything going in bed with any women at all. The situation is dire and so any information you have would be appreciated Herbal Love.
Travis looked down at his flaccid penis and then shamefully pulled his boxers up in order to hide it. He lay in his bed and looked over at the hair scrunchy that his recently departed date had left on his nightstand. In her haste to leave, she’d left it behind.
This was the second date that he’d disappointed since being single again. I guess his ex-girlfriend was right; he just wasn’t the same man anymore.
Blow Out

Travis had been a raging sex-beast and party animal during his 20s. He had a kind of awkward charm and crooked smile which many women found “cute.” While he wasn’t the kind of guy that you’d see on a fashion billboard, his gift of gab was through the roof. He’d literally charm the pants and panties right off of chicks.
Now in his 30s, although he’d mellowed out on having constant sex and masturbation sessions, and stopped drinking all the time, he’d begun to have erection problems. His most recent girlfriend wasn’t satisfied by his lack of hardness and bolted. Had his years of partying too much contributed to this issue?
The Evil Limpness Fairy

Yes, like Travis, many younger men are like brilliant, luminous, stars of sexuality – shining bright and attracting women like moths to a flame. However, a man’s sexual heydays may only last for so long. Like a super-bright star that burns through its hydrogen fuel, a man can rapidly deplete his body’s supply of DHEA and other growth factors through too much sex and masturbation.
Dehydroepiandrosterone (try saying that three times real fast) or DHEA as it is more commonly known, is a super-steroid compound which is naturally produced in your body. It has anti-aging and muscle mass building properties, and is also used to mitigate fatigue, improve brain plasticity, and enhance erection quality.
So what do you do when the Limpness Fairy visits you?
A Return to Hardness – Naturally

Incorporating foods that are rich in DHEA into your diet can be a great first step to combating erectile problems. These include olive oil, flax seed oil, cod liver oil, wild-caught (as opposed to farm raised) fish, and soybean products. Do your own research and experiment with foods high in DHEA to see what meets your particular tastes.
If you’re like most men and want to shew that limpness fairy away for good, try taking an all-natural herbal mixture. (TRY: DHEA for Stronger and More Improved Erections) These concoctions are highly effective in helping to:

  • Facilitate the enhanced production of growth factors including HGH, testosterone, and DHEA
  • Repair damaged penile tissues and frayed erectile nerves
  • Rebalance hormonal levels for overall health

Just make sure that you’re not indulging in substance abuse (excessive drinking/drugs), and be wary of pharmaceutical-grade medications, which can have side-effects which are detrimental to your erectile capacity. Now get your herbal remedy now and revert back to your inner horny teenager!

What to do

DHEA: Improving Aging Erectile Tissues

Too often men suffer from erectile problems. At times it refuses to get hard.

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