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Jin Suo Gu Jing Wang - Stop Wet Dream & Excessive Precum

Stop Wet Dreams
Jin Suo Gu Jing Wang is well known for helping young people combat chronic Wet Dreams. Nocturnal and spontaneous emissions are embarrassing symptoms, but they’re good indicators of a more severe problem, i.e., premature ejaculation and seminal leakage.
Excessive sweating, diarrhea, white pale tongue, chronic fatigue, and nocturnal emissions are symptoms of a sexual exhaustion known as Kidney Bioenergy deficiency.   Kidney Bioenergy is an Chinese Medicine term referring to your basal metabolism for vitality, food & water metabolism, adrenal function, fertility, and libido. If left untreated, symptoms of the Early Stages of Sexual Exhaustion will appear, including:

Weakened Nervous & Reproductive System:
Poor circulation and bone development:
  • Soreness and weakness of limbs
  • Low back pain
Additional symptoms:
  • Excessive sweating
  • Pale tongue with white coating
  • Weak pulse
Herb Overview
Astragalus Complanatus, known as Flatstem milkvetch seed, contains an anti-inflammatory chemical known as astragalin. Astragalus seeds strengthen the ejaculatory valve to prevent it from dispensing semen or precum.
Euryale Seeds calm the nerves and reduce a man's ability of climaxing too quickly by minimizing the release of precum.
Lotus Stamen reinforce the ejaculation valve to prevent seminal leakage, wet dreams and leaky penis problems.
Os Draconis provides a form of calicum that calms the hyper-sensitive nerves of an ejaculatory valve to prevent leakage.
Ostrea Gigas is the shell of an oyster that contains rich amounts of trace minerals that help sedate over-sensitive nerves.

The formula is suitable for young adults experiencing symptoms of the Early Stage of Sexual Exhaustion. If you are experiencing more severe symptoms such as a weak erection, excessive pre-cum, seminal leakage, or penis shrinkage, more powerful solutions are required.

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