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The Pop-Off Point–Re-Designating Your Penile Excitement Threshold

A gentleman is concerned about his ability to hold back busting a nut,or rather his lack thereof.How can he nip this problem in the bud before it becomes a chronic issue?



Hello,I am a young guy and I have a problem controlling myself.Whenever I stick my penis into my girl’s vagina I can already feel myself ready to ejaculate within 30 seconds.I can't last a t all and no techniques have worked this far.I have to do a few thrusts at a time instead of having regular sex.3 thrusts and then out to rest and just keep doing that or else I will ejaculate.This has really frustrated my girl because she wants to orgasm while I am in her.Is there anything that I can do to help me with this problem?I have tried techniques,start stop,squeeze and nothing works for me.


“Yeah,well they don’t call me the‘Pipe-man’for nothing,”Jerry said,followed by a strange snorting noise.

“Oh really?Some girls that have been on campus for a while said you are a big male whore,”Jenny said,giggling slightly.

“Hey,tell them thanks for the free advertising;looks like they just couldn’t make the cut,”Jerry retorted.“Anyway,when are we going to hang out tonight?”

Jerry J.was all about talking a lot of game to the ladies.He and his college buddies called themselves the“Dawg Pounders,”and frequently tracked down and made aggressive passes toward most of the new freshmen girls on campus.Tonight Jerry had a plan to“dick-down”a pretty young thing who had just arrived on campus and apparently fallen for Jerry’s cheesy crooked smile and flashy talk.

She arrived that evening,and after some small-talk involving a fake rendition of Jerry’s family background including being related to the Rockefellers,they quickly began some intense mouth-to-mouth action which seemed to resemble a sloppy game of tongue-wrestling.Soon,Jenny’s pants were down around her ankles and Jerry mounted her on his couch form behind while stroking his hard wiener and preparing to take the big plunge.

Staring at her round buns and bald koochie from the back made him feel a little too excited and he tried to calm himself a little since he’d had an issue with busting his load too fast in the past.He thought of Rosanne Barr naked and it seemed to do the trick;his excitement diminished and he stuffed his penis into Jenny’s awaiting love-canal.

30 seconds later,Jenny turned around with a highly annoyed look on her face while eye-balling a puddle of splooge on her arse.She quickly wiped herself off,pulled up her shorts,and was out the door in about matching time.

All Too Common

Unfortunately,whether a wannabe hustler like Jerry J.or not,busting too soon is a pretty common occurrence,and there are numerous reasons for it to happen.Some guys just have an ejaculatory system that has gone haywire,others may have malfunctioning nervous systems or are taking medications which interfere with their ejaculation reflex arcs.Whatever the cause,men with this issue inevitably seek out a solution,which is quite understandable...

Tricky Balance Leading to New Sex Life

Want to nip this problem in the bud?Well,a natural desensitizer might be exactly what you’re looking for.(SEE:All Natural Herbal Desensitizers)First off,these highly effective sprays and lotions are botanical in nature,and so will not harm your member unlike many pharmaceutical options out there which can cause unwanted side-effects.

Simply put;after applying these products,they go to work by desensitizing your penile nerves which allow for longer,much more fulfilling sexual intercourse as well as a satisfied sex-partner.

Even though a desensitizer can reduce your sensitivity threshold,don’t overuse/apply it since it can sometimes result in complete numbness and not a lot of pleasure.Try starting off with a smaller amount and work up from there;once you find a good balance between enough pleasure as well as the ability to hold back,you should be good to go.

Have fun and good luck with your new and improved love life!

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