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Sidewinder – When Your Penis Looks Like a Snake

This case study involves a gentleman who has ended up with a curvature in his penis due to playing a little too much with his member downstairs. If you or someone you know has been suffering from this you'll want to tune in...

Case #: 826


My penis curves down, why? Can I fix this? It wouldn't cause any problems with having sex or anything else will it?


I think we can all agree that we love making ourselves feel good; and what other way can we show ourselves love better than masturbation? It can also serve to relieve stress from our lives in these chaotic times as we deal with making mortgage payments, dealing with relationship issues or problems at the J-O-B. And here's something we don't really consider; masturbation can also be a healthy way to keep your genital “pipes” clean and prevent issues such as yeast infections.

Snake Dance

Sometimes we can get to a point in our minds where we think that every time that we engage in a little self-sexy time, we're doing ourselves a favor and don't realize that we could be slipping into a dangerous zone where we come to rely on masturbation too much and get hooked on it, just like a drug.

A curvature of the penis can result from blunt force trauma but it sounds as though in your case you've been over masturbating which can cause Peyronie's Disease. This occurs when you've been playing with Mr. Happy a little too rigorously and this can cause the build-up of plaque which thickens just under your skin, as well as ruptured penile blood vessels. As one or more sides of your penis begin to stiffen up your penis bends where this build-up occurs since it is less flexible in those areas. Not only can this become unsightly but it can also cause pain and make sex a difficult prospect.

Although this scar tissue is non-cancerous it should be looked into a treated as soon as you can since it can eventually lead to having a penis which looks like it should be featured in some sort of circus freak show! Needless to say, having this condition can cause embarrassment in the bedroom and can even lead to other issues such as extra stress and performance anxiety.

So how do we get you out of this cycle of self-abuse?

Straightening Things Out

Step one would be to immediately cease your excessive masturbation and also refrain from sex until your symptom improves. As you start your healing process think about taking a restorative botanical supplement which can greatly aid you. (TRY: Tissue Damage & Curvature Herbal Remedy) These specialized herbs can provide the crucial nutrients necessary to repairing the damaged blood vessels and any bruising you've sustained from your chronic masturbatory habits. Another benefit is increasing your blood circulation and not only restoring your penile tissues, but also allowing you to engorge your penis with more blood for harder erections.

Another benefit is promoting the factors that control your ejaculations and helping to last longer during sexual intercourse, which can only help the relations between you and your partner. So take the time to invest in yourself and take a natural path back to health; the only side-effect of these safe herbal mixtures is straightening things out downstairs.

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