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Going Off the Rails – Chronic Masturbation and its Side-Effects

This young man should be in his sexual prime since he’s only in his 20s, but due to his obsessive and obsessive masturbatory activities, he’s burned out his engine and is nearly empty of body-fuel and resources. How can he tackle the mounting symptoms?

Case #: 1140


Since I was 15 I have been masturbating and over ejaculating almost every day sometimes twice a day. It's been about 7 years now and I'm experiencing severe symptoms. I have stopped for the last 2 months. I’m 22 now. I have severe hair fall and balding .My hairline is receding every year, thinning and massive dandruff, acne and my beard also started falling! Flushed face and memory loss. I get angry nervous easily, depression mood swings, fatigue all the time, blurry eyes sometimes. My face seemed to have aged very quickly the past two years when all these symptoms started showing. Palpitations, feel hot all the time. Excessive sweating .impotency is quite bad with premature ejaculation, sometimes a few seconds only. Low back pain, neck. This follows with rectal pain. Twice there was blood in my semen. Loss of confidence, no energy to lift weights. I used to lift much heavier in the past.


When I was a youth, we’d visit my grandfather and he’d always have some really stuff to show me. One of the things that he exposed me to were trains. One train ran right through the town that he lived in, and I’d often go down the railroad tracks and watch the trains come through. My favorites were the steam locomotives. These iron beasts were a sight to behold; powerful reminders of a bygone era before electric and diesel locomotives arrived on the scene. And the concept was simple; shoveling coal into a boiler, adding some water and fuel to the mix creating steam power to propel the engine forward.

Last Bits of Coal

Let’s think about this for a moment. What happens when the locomotive starts to run low on water, fuel, and coal? It starts to sputter and become slower. And with a lack of water, some of the inner mechanisms within the engine start to grind and wear out, becoming damaged.

Let’s imagine your body as such a locomotive. The iron chassis is your body, and the fuel, water, and coal are your sex hormones and neurotransmitters that power your libido. Through your excessive masturbation you’ve burned through most of these resources and are now nearly empty, causing your engine components to start to grind (symptoms).

Since you haven’t allowed yourself to rest in-between your obsessive masturbation session you’ve exhausted your resources and haven’t pulled into the station to re-fuel, resulting in a whole host of unwanted symptoms. So what do we do to fix the ‘ol engine?

Super Coal

Pull your locomotive into the nearest train station and let it get some overdue repairs. (SEE: Exhaustion & Dysfunction Herbal Remedy) Refrain from masturbation and let your body start to repair itself and replenish its depleted resources. It may seem a little hard at first but with some self-discipline you can do it. Just know that you’ve taken the first step.

A wise second step could be taking a powerful herbal formula. Since you are in an advanced stage of chronic masturbation, you need an advanced remedy that can stimulate blood circulation to your scalp, and reduce DHT buildup, helping to restore your hair follicles. They also contain properties which can repair your damaged parasympathetic nervous system, which controls the valve which holds back your semen and urine. A boost in bio energy can also be expected, which will alleviate any body aches including your lower back.

Further benefits include an increased blood flow and balancing of sexual hormones including dopamine, serotonin, and GABA. Pretty soon, you’ll your stress levels will recede, and you won’t be moody anymore. As a result of taking this natural path to healing, you’ll get that morning wood again, and Mr. Happy will be standing tall once more. So let’s get your choo-choo train back to chuggin’ down the tracks!

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