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Pain for Pleasure – Problems Related to Excessive Masturbation

Here we find a young man who has been engaging in masturbation too much, and is suffering from a plethora of symptoms including back aches, penile pain, thinning hair, and an inability to control his ejaculations. How can he get over these side-effects?

Case #: 1297


I am 25 years old student. I didn’t' smoke marijuana but I have drunk an alcohol since I was 15. I started masturbating at age 8, almost every day, 2 or 3 times per day. I am very little overgrown and without beard. My hair is falling out so when it’s short I can see my head. Now I suffer from premature ejaculation and I have pains in my back. My other symptoms are: burning pains in penis or like a sharp thing is going through my penis. My muscles are shaking when I rest or are that my nerves? In my back I feel a lot of pain and a strange feeling something like the muscles are without blood? The level of testosterone in my blood is very low: 2.72 ng/ml. My doctors don't believe me! They are saying it is all my head. Can you help me or is it too late for me? I am really sad and desperate.


Years ago I had a neighbor down the street who had this big shiny muscle car. Everyone in the area would know when he was either coming of going in that thing because not only was it naturally loud on its own but he also added super loud after-market exhausts on to it. Yeah it was a pretty cool ride I must admit but he would gun that thing up and down the street making car alarms go off and even furniture rattle.

Dangerous Burnout

Well one time he took a trip to Las Vegas in the summertime and that was not a good idea. First of all he had the wrong type of oil in his monster car for long trips in scorching heat, and on top of that that type of car creates a lot of heat on its own (V-8). What ended up happening is on his drive back in 115 degree weather his car started smoking. Turns out he totally blew his engine out and had to get it towed to a nearby garage for some expensive and time consuming repairs.

Similar to that car, because you haven’t given your body proper rest in-between your rigorous masturbatory sessions, you’ve burned out your body. You are now in the severely addictive later stages of obsessive masturbation, which includes damaging your parasympathetic nervous system; the valve that holds your seminal fluids in check resulting in early ejaculation, and also your normal testicular function.

In addition to that you’ve also depleted your reserves of dopamine, serotonin, and other sex hormones, triggered too much dopamine-adrenaline conversion, and spiked your DHT levels, causing it to attack your hair follicles. Also, you’ve compromised your prostaglandin E-2 synthesis which is resulting in your bodily pains. So how do you turn things around?


Pull your body into a garage for some much needed repairs. During this 3 week period, you’ll want to refrain from playing with Mr. Happy completely and allow your body to start to rejuvenate itself.

Taking a powerful botanical supplement can really help to balance your body’s hormonal levels (including testosterone), and greatly reduce your DHT levels and promote blood circulation which will both stop DHT from attaching to your hair follicles and helping to provide nutrients to your poor scalp. (TRY: Herbal Remedy for Sexual Exhaustion & Dysfunction) In addition, these powerful herbs can bring your inflammatory prostaglandin E-2 levels back to normal which will alleviate your body pains, as well as rejuvenate your parasympathetic nervous system, allowing you to control your ejaculation again. You’ll be back on the streets in time with a little natural help.

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