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The Soft Erection Resurrection – Reversing the Effects of Over-Masturbation

Too much porn can leave you feeling soft…between the knees, that is. Learn one guy’s tragic tale of porn, masturbation and soft erections, and learn what you can do if your own erections are starting to feel a bit pathetic.

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Hi. I'm feeling really depleted lately. I watched a lot of porn over the last month and masturbated 2-4 times a day. Now all of a sudden I can't seem to get it up. If I watch porn, I can get a weak erection, but then it goes away after I start masturbating. Am I going to stay like this?


Porn can be a pretty powerful—not to mention damaging—force. We all remember the first time we encountered this forbidden fruit. Depending on your age, it may have been a magazine tucked between a cousin’s mattress, a VHS tape inside a ridiculously oversized case (what was up with those things, anyway?) or even a streaming video on a web browser.

The indescribable rush of excitement that overtakes you is absolutely electric, but sadly, that’s also how the seeds of addiction are sewn. At first you’re just enjoying the occasional foray into the lives of nymphomaniac nurses, but before long, you find that you need a constant release just to make it through the day.

The Science behind Your Erection…or Lack Thereof

When you masturbate or have sex, there are a lot of chemicals at work. You need dopamine to stimulate your penis, acetylcholine to keep you aroused, and nitric oxide help you maintain a firm erection. But when you constantly fire up that hard drive (literally and figuratively) and masturbate to videos of Swedish lesbian cheerleaders (I’m just spitballing here), those important chemicals are depleted, along with other key chemicals like testosterone and GABA.

But while the causes of your sexual dysfunction may be scientific in nature, the cause of your constant masturbation and reliance on porn may be emotional in nature. Masturbation is often used for stress relief and depression management. If you think there may be an underlying emotional cause, talk to someone you trust, or consider seeking professional assistance. These problems seldom go away on their own, and masturbation only numbs the pain for a fleeting moment.

Attack of the Zombie Pornstars

The good news is that your issue probably isn’t permanent. Based on what you’ve described, it sounds like you just need to ease up on the masturbation. Porn will turn you into a masturbation zombie, so I would recommend that you eliminate it from your life completely, and then take a break from the masturbation for a few weeks.

Before long, you should start to notice firmer erections and more energy once again. Your body just needs some time to replenish its neurochemicals and heal any damaged tissue. This won’t happen overnight, but I think you’re going to be okay.

Bring On the Stiffness

In addition to scaling back on the masturbation, you might benefit greatly from an herbal solution that’s formulated to treat the effects of erectile dysfunction (See: herbal treatment to erectile problems caused by sexual exhaustion). Now, I know what you’re thinking. “Erectile dysfunction?

What the hell?” No, you’re not impotent, but the herbs found in these formulas—such as Cnidium, Damiana, Epimedium and Tongkat Ali—can go a long way toward replenishing your neurochemicals, restoring damaged tissue and helping you to get your sexual prowess back on track. Now there’s something to smile about.

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