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Insecurity Plus A Weak Liver Equals Erectile Dysfunction

When I am laying on my back and my girl gets on top, I tend to loose my erection. I used to be fine… I also way to say that I am very intimidated by my girlfriend cause she has been with a few other guys and I always wonder if I suck.

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I took an erectile dysfunction drug a couple of times. When I do not use the drug, I witness my erection dissipates during intercourse. My second problem is my erection disappears when my girlfriend is on top. I also noticed a loss in my sex drive. I'll be honest: I have done one cycle of steroids (anabolic), leaving me unable to maintain an erection. After finishing the regiment, I regained my ability to stay erect; now I am having trouble again.

Another problem is with my girlfriend who is on birth control. Does birth control make it harder for her to orgasm? Also, she dries out after orgasm with me. How can I keep her vagina wet?


Since the erectile drug blocks the action of the enzyme PDE-5, it seems your body can no longer generate sufficient erection dilator cGMP. Your liver’s P450 detoxification system cannot remove the toxins in your body and provide sufficient P450 enzymes to help with the production of cGMP.

Your liver’s P450 has been deactivated by overloading of the sport supplements you took. Try a Botanical Solutions for Erectile Dysfunction to help remove toxins from the liver and activate the cGMP production. A man with E.D. becomes insecure after he notices he can no longer maintain an erection—not because the woman is more experienced than he. When you have sex with her, practice the Harmonic Qi Gong technique. When you practice the technique, you start to control your breathing better and prevent your erection from going flaccid or from ejaculating too quickly.

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