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Cock-a Droopy-Do – SSRIs and Impotence

He has just finished up with his depression problem and now is experiencing another one: the dreaded impotence. How can he reverse this much feared issue?

Case #: 1833


I just finished a 6-month, antidepressant medication but have big problems. My penis cannot maintain an erection. Also I have cold sensation in the top of the penis. When I do happen to ejaculate with a soft erection, clear fluid leaks out. What sort of supplement should I take?


Josh had seen the drug ads on TV; they featured warm fuzzy scenes of people going on about their lives, depression-free. As the ads played there were numerous warnings about possible side-effects attributed to each and every medication. One warned that by taking it, a person could start vomiting blood unexpectedly, while another mentioned something about strange growths appearing under ones’ armpits.

Josh had sort of pushed all of the warnings to the back of his mind, however, since he needed to find something in order to perk his life up. Recently, he’d gone through a traumatic break-up with his ex-girlfriend after finding her cheating with his ex-best friend. In addition to that, he’d disappointed his father by not going to law school, and instead worked at a fast food joint.

After being prescribed one of the anti-depressant medications that he’d seen on TV, Josh eventually began to realize that his penis was “broken,” as he told his close buddy. It leaked clear fluid and he wasn’t able to even get it up anymore. In the matter of a short period of time, Josh had crushed all hope of finding a sex-partner again; what girl would put up with a guy who had a penis which resembled a soft, greasy, over-cooked French fry?

From a Fat Potato to a Soggy French Fry

Josh is not alone in his suffering. Very year, thousands of men take anti-depressants, hoping to lift the dark cloud of depression from their lives. Unfortunately, they often end up trading one problem for another one, since there are usually a whole plethora of side-effects associated with pharmaceutical-grade medications.

SSRIs in particular can cause an overproduction of prolactin, putting undue strain and stress on the pituitary function, which can result in hyperprolactinemia (HP). Prolactin flooding through the bloodstream can cause a man’s entire penile nervous system to shut down, leading to a soft member and uncontrollable seminal leakage/premature ejaculation. So how do you take back command of your sexual life?

Re-Inflate Your Penis & Your Confidence

Josh eventually overcame his sexual dysfunctions and so can you. He did this by investing in a powerful botanical remedy, which not only augmented his body’s natural healing ability, but also provided it with the necessary elements needed to heal himself from within. (SEE: Calming Pills for Controlled Climax)

These all-natural herbal mixtures can alleviate the excessive stress hormones which are running rampant throughout your body, while also decreasing overall nervousness and anxiety levels. This boosting up of your body’s “crisis control center” can not only put an end to premature ejaculation problems, but also help you to cope with future traumatic events in your life (job loss, break-up, etc.).

Meanwhile, they can also detoxify your liver function and bolster your sex drive, leading to those firmer erections once again. This can help to derail any embarrassing future situations from happening, such as getting some hanky-panky started with a sex-partner, only to have it fizzle out as your penis drizzles out. So get back on track the all-natural way!

What to do

Peace of Mind Natural Calm Ejaculation Control Remedy

If you suffer from mental and sexual exhaustion caused by excessive masturbation, you may be unable to maintain a hard erection or you may suffer from premature ejaculation issues.

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