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Hernia Surgery Damaged Erectile and Testicular Function

Hernia repair surgery resulted in groin soreness and low libido.

Case #: 331


I love my husband; I really do. I just don’t love how his penis becomes flaccid during sex or how he ejaculates too quickly. I’m human; I have needs! After surgery to repair a hernia, his testicles shrunk—along with his sex drive. He and I were once very sexually active—now our sex life reminds me of a presidential election—it occurs once every 4 years! Please, help a girl and her husband.


Inguinal hernias occur when the intestine protrudes from the weak area of the fascia, applying pressure onto the scrotum and resulting in immense pain. Doctors will schedule surgery to insert the intestine back into the fascia to stop the pain. However, doctors will often mistakenly cut away some nerve endings of the penis and testicles, thus not only snipping away the pain but the sex drive of your man.

Snip, Snip Goes The Sex Drive
Think of sex drive as a highway of interactive communication pathways. Removal of any one of these vital communication pathways can cause impotence, weak erections, and premature ejaculation.

After surgery, scar tissue will surround the nerve endings. When tissue surrounds these nerve endings, they prevent the proper signaling of essential neurochemicals necessary to power an erection. Damaged nerve endings can stymie hormones from powering an erection, while ruptured blood vessels can cause weak erections. All of this spells trouble for a man. Not only does a man fail to gain an erection, but also he feels embarrassed by the inability to satisfy his partner.

Scar Tissue, Nerve Endings and Weak Erections: Road Blocks of Satisfying Sex
The damage seems irreversible, but fear not, we can save your sex life. The first thing your man may need is to get the scar tissue removed. The process for doing so is a long and arduous one. Scar tissue formation takes months to heal. There is no magic pill. There is no secret technique. Only patience and herbal therapy can remove the scar tissue.

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