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Good Bye Sperm, Sexual Desire and Marriage: A Vasectomy is to Blame for His Lost Libido and Angry Wife

He had a vasectomy in his late 20s because he and his wife wanted no more children. But his act of responsibility may have put his marriage on the brink of disaster. His wife is ready to leave him because they no longer have sex. He doesn’t want to, both because he lacks the desire and because erections bring pain. Before his marriage ends for good, he needs a sound solution.
Case #: 2020

I had a vasectomy 10 years ago because my wife and I were done having kids. Now, at age 38, I feel like a man twice my age. I have no sexual desire – by none, I mean zero – and it’s hurting my marriage. My wife is ready to leave me because we haven’t had sex in almost a year. But it’s not just my lack of desire. Before this started, when we were still having sex, getting an erection hurt. I can’t think of anything that would be causing this. The cause, however, isn’t as important as the effect, and that will be divorce if I don’t find a way to get my libido back.

A vasectomy ranks near the top of preferred birth control measures, which explains why a half-million males undergo the surgery each year. But men should take care before opting for a vasectomy. It presents complications rarely discussed by doctors. Not only can short-term problems interfere with well-being, but long-term difficulties can completely alter a man’s health.
Vasectomy Myths

Before we discuss the dangers associated with vasectomies, we want to dispel the myths. The first, and perhaps most common, is that a vasectomy strips a man of his masculinity. This is in no way true. A vasectomy severs the vas deferens so sperm cannot enter semen when a man ejaculates. In turn, a couple can freely make love without fear of getting pregnant.
Some men worry a vasectomy changes the way their lovers see them. But many women enjoy knowing contraception is no longer their responsibility. They don’t have to worry about taking birth control pills, undergoing dangerous injections or fumbling with cervical caps.
A vasectomy does not change your ability to come, nor does it prevent you from pleasing a woman in bed. You may feel more self-conscious immediately after the procedure, but nobody looking at you will notice a difference.
The Fact of Diminished Sexual Function

Men commonly associate vasectomies with lost sexual abilities. The literature for these procedures suggests otherwise, stressing a man will be able to achieve the same erections as before. But for some men, the myth is reality, and they no longer enjoy sex as they once did.
During a vasectomy, the surgeon cuts and seals the vas deferens. Alongside these tubes run many tiny blood vessels and nerves. The blood vessels nourish the penis and surrounding testis, where testosterone is produced. Similarly, nerves provide the penis with the ability to register sexual sensation.
When blood vessels are damaged, as during a vasectomy, the temperature of the testes becomes harder to control. Sometimes this temperature rises and impairs testosterone production. Much of a man’s sexual health rests in testosterone – it supports strong libido and solid erections. Without this chemical’s proper balance, a man will lose normal sexual responses.
In addition, nerve damage can cause pain during erections. Rather than the usual sensations of pleasure, sex will bring nothing more than discomfort. Because so many nerves traverse the penis, each is closely connected to the other. This means damage in the smallest of areas, as near the vas deferens, can yield the greatest of problems.
You Don’t Have to Regret Your Decision

It’s highly likely your vasectomy is to blame for your symptoms. The most startling trait is the time frame in which they developed. A 2013 study from London revealed men commonly experience sexual problems 10 to 15 years after their vasectomies.
As we already discussed, vasectomies can lower testosterone. What you therefore need is to balance this hormone. We don’t suggest this in a vague way, but rather unequivocally tell you to take a botanical blend designed to support testicular and penile health.
Botanical blends contain key ingredients that each perform a specific function in the body. Saw Palmetto, for example, increases testosterone production, while Achyranthes corrects circulatory problems to deliver more blood to the penis. (TRY: Vasectomy Symptoms Recovery Formula) Other herbs boost libido, improve sexual energy and deliver antioxidants to the penis. These cumulative effects help men perform in the bedroom with harder, fuller erections.
A blend with proven efficacy is Rejuven Vitaball, formulated for men after vasectomies. If you’re looking to save your marriage, don’t wait. Take charge of your health and reclaim your passion today.

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Vasectomy Danger, Side Effects, & Natural Recovery

Improve your testosterone imbalance, minimize your premature ejaculation, reduce your prostate inflammation and witness an improved erectile strength.

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