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Lots ‘O Cream – No Not That Kind…the Kind That Grows Your Penis

A young man in his sexual prime has no problem getting it up, but like many men, he’s not pleased with his penis size. How can he hope to gain a little size downstairs?

Case #: 1938


I’m a 25 yr. old man who has been dating here and there. Although I’m horny all the time and can dick a girl down for hours, I’ve noticed that a few of them have told me that they wonder what I could do if I had a larger penis.

Are there any ways that I can increase my penis size since I’ve heard penis pumps are bad for your member? Please let me know.


Just think of what it must have been like for people back in the 70s and 80s. In order to watch any porn, they had to walk into a video store (most of which are now extinct) and act like they were going to buy some regular movies. Then, when no one was looking, they’d sneak back behind the “blocked off” tinsel barrier and into the dirty little porn room. They must have felt as though they were some sort of societal rejects or something.

If someone wanted to get a porn magazine, they’d have to pretend like they were browsing for normal magazines, all the while eyeballing the porn rags tucked in the back. When they felt that no one was looking or that no one was buy the cashier, they’d make a quick grab for a magazine or two and then rush to the counter in order to purchase their smut rags.

Changing Times

With the advent of the internet, porn has never before been so readily available. Everybody watches it; judges, doctors, street cleaners, dishwashers, feminists (ugh…bad visual), couples – people from all walks of life. It is also much more socially acceptable these days as well, what with all of the adult conventions, sex shops, sex help websites, and male enhancement companies AKA penile growth companies.

Age Old Quest

That’s right; one thing that hasn’t changed is man’s quest to have a larger penis. In fact, with the internet and the quantum rise of dating sites, many women want to see the goods (penis pics), and if a guy isn’t packing downstairs, he might as well be radioactive. So how is one to effect change in this department in order to avoid potential shame and embarrassment – followed by depression?

Hub it On and Get it On

If you’re looking to expand your horizons (and penis size), penile enhancement creams can help. These creams are specially formulated to penetrate beyond the dermal layers of the penis and promote penile tissue growth. (TRY: Penile Width Enlargement Creams) Meanwhile, they can also naturally attract localized blood supplies into the penis to saturate and engorge penile tissues.

As the interconnected blood chambers (corpora cavernosa) expand, more blood is pumped into them and your penis can experience not only a length increase, but also a “pump-up” in girth (which women say they like the most).

Needless to say, improving your penis size is a no-brainer for your sex life, and being able to hit those hard to reach areas within your lover’s vagina can result in some of those leg-shaking, tow-curling, mega-orgasms, which will leave her not even thinking about going anywhere else for some lovin’. So invest in your member today!

What to do

Penis Cream Guide Guide For Width Enhancement

Ah, the Int

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