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I Married My Penis: I Wear a Cock Ring Daily!

I think that I’ve married my penis because I wear a cock ring daily

Case #: 578


Hi! Can I give you my numbers to see if by summing them up you help me out?

Age: 46

Diabetes: Type 2

Penis length: 7.5” (and dwindling)

Penis curvature: 2” (and increasing)

Cock rings: 3 (triple, that is)

Meds: 200mg of Sildenafil (and escalating)

Hope: 0

I think that I’ve married my penis because I wear a cock ring daily. I’m not that faithful; I just need it because the only other way I can keep an erection is with drugs. I hope you can use my numbers and tally them for Mr. Sniffles’ sake.

I’m a diabetic, and it’s hard to get hard naturally but the worse thing is the bend on Mr. Lollypop, an treat my wife doesn’t find sweet anymore!

My biggest fear, though, is waking up one day, staring at my crotch just to see that my penis has shrunk so irrevocably that it welded into my gonads and turned into a makeshift vagina.


A triple cock ring can be a double-edged knife. Because its function is to block blood flow to the penis in order to enhance sexual sensation and to keep the erection lasting longer, it needs to be large enough to house your penis and your scrotum.

Your penis may suffer bruises, lacerations or even gangrene if you inappropriately wear a cock ring. A wrong sized one can also affect your vascular system, and as a man with diabetes, you’re at a greater risk of being harmed.

Peyronie’s Disease is the curvature of the penis that can be caused by aging, injury or erectile dysfunction. When the penis suffers injury, the subcutaneous porous tissue can get damaged. P.D. happens because scar tissue forms as a result of the body’s natural healing process.

Testosterone levels decrease as men age, leading to softer erections. Combat E.D. by getting as many solid erections as possible. The more you have, the bigger your chances of restoring your original length and girth. They will improve blood circulation and dilate the blood vessels.

“Orgasm edging,” which is the practice of getting to the verge of orgasm just to hold the ejaculation is also a good exercise. Do it repeatedly and only release at the very end. Research “Neotantra” and its practice of orgasm control.

About Shrinkage

Do penises really shrink? Yes and it’s not an optical illusion. Penis shrinkage is real and here are some of the causes:

  • Atherosclerosis - in simple words: a penile heart attack.
  • Varicoceles - in laymen terms: varicose veins, which can’t be tamed with pantyhoses.
  • Weight gain - in plain English: big belly, little phallus.

It’s a natural occurrence for the penis to backtrack closer to the sacrum after ejaculation, thus causing the contraction of penile tissue and resulting in shrinkage. But when your penis doesn’t reciprocate the energy distilled by the brain during masturbation, a gradual process of atrophy will occur. That’s why masturbation rhymes with moderation.

Even if you prefer sex in the dark and in your room, there’s always a light at the end of the tunnel.

Prevent shrinkage and get your erection firmness back you need:

  1. Hydration – drink at least eight glasses of water per day. Dehydration will cause contraction of the penile tissue and a reduction in blood flow.
  2. Exercise – Massage Your X-Spot which not only prevent shrinkage but also increase the penis size
  3. Recovery Naturally – take Be Firm Herbal Tincture Formula to restore back the quality of erection

You sexual problems will become lightweight and the penis, a heavyweight

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