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Come Out to Play – Reversing a Stubbornly Shrinking Penis

A man’s once average sized penis has called it a day and withdrawn little by little back into his body. How can he hope to coax it to come back out again before his impending honeymoon comes about?

Case #: 1855


I’ll admit I’ve never had the biggest penis. I measured a modest 6 inches with a 2.5 inch girth. Sure, my penis wasn’t impressive in size or width, but hey, I got the job done again, again, and again. I made all my partners happy, and no one ever complained that size was an issue. That was 5 years ago. A little before my 60th birthday, I will be marrying my 4th wife. Like every wedding, there will be happiness and plenty of sex during the honeymoon phase. But I’m afraid that age has really damaged my size, and in fear of the honeymoon (and the tons of sex we’ll have even at our age), I want to reverse the shrinkage.

I don’t want to get to the honeymoon stage with my current size. Please, please, you have to give me advice to reverse this age-induced penis shrinkage.


Carl and Jana were once animals. They’d gotten together in their early 30s and had been partners for over 25 years. In the beginning they would leap onto each other at the drop of a hat, tearing each other’s clothes off and commencing to humping like there was no tomorrow.

They used to be so out of hand that a couple of times they actually got busted having sex in public. Such as the time that they were riding in a train’s passenger car and Jana suddenly hopped onto Carl’s lap. Carl tried to expand the paper he had been attempting to read in order to cover Jana’s bare buttocks, as she gyrated up and down on his swollen member. The other passengers knew the score and alerted the train’s security, resulting in them getting kicked off the train. What a couple of savages!

Fading Memories

These days, they typically sat on the porch, talking about this and that and just generally passing time together in less explosive fashion. Ever since Carl had hit age 49 or 50 his libido had ebbed and his penis had begun to seemingly grow backward. He just wasn’t as interested in having sex as he had in the past, and even when the mood did strike him, he was too ashamed to whip out his weakened wiener for fear that Jana would merely laugh at him.

Similar to Carl and Jana, you’ve aged (as we all do) and for a man, that can mean that there’s naturally less testosterone to go around. Since testosterone is the main driver for your libido, when it begins to diminish, so can both your sex drive start to fade and your penis begin to shrivel. So how can you hope to halt this shrinkage and even reverse it? Read on...

Sex Foods

Let’s talk about foods that can re-power your sex drive shall we?

Free range, grass fed, lamb and lean beef are both excellent sources of not only protein and good fats, but also zinc. Zinc is one of the main progenitors in producing testosterone.

Toasted wheat germ is a little known but great source of zinc. Just one cup of this super-food contains almost 100% of your daily value of zinc. Try blending some into a smoothie with yogurt (also good for your sex drive) and add a little fruit or nuts in the mix for some variety.

Nuts by the way (especially toasted cashews) are exceptionally high in zinc. They also contain all kinds of nutrients and fatty acids which are great for overall health.

You can experiment with these and other sex drive foods (google is your friend) - I bet you’ll never look at your local supermarket (and farmer’s market) the same again. (SEE: Penis Foods & Natural Nutrients) Just ensure that you’re buying organic foods and supporting your local farmers and merchants. Have fun!

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