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Ask and Thou Shall Receive: She Wants Her Husband to Wear a Cock Ring for Better Lovemaking

His wife has asked him to use a cock ring because she needs more satisfaction during sex. He admits to coming too quickly, and his soft erections leave them both wanting more. But he’s concerned a cock ring will render more damage than good. Little does he know the truth is just the opposite.
Case #:1911

My wife wants me to start wearing a cock ring because I have soft erections. Sometimes when I’m inside of her, she can barely feel me because I’m not fully hard. I also come too quickly. Despite my lack of hardness, I get really turned on when we make love and can’t help myself. I’m willing to try a cock ring, if it’ll make her happy, but I’m worried this device will harm my penis. Do you have any information or advice?

We have plenty of information to ease your fears and help you understand what a cock ring really is. In your mind, you probably see this as a tight, suffocating coil of sorts ready to strangle your penis into submission. The truth is quite the opposite and, as many men have realized, very helpful in correcting weak erections.
A Short Story Behind the Cock Ring

People tend to think of sex toys as emerging recently to satisfy an increasingly perverse society. For this reason, you might be surprised to know adult novelty items have been used for centuries, usually by people of royal standing or significant wealth because they were the only ones with the means to afford extra frivolities. In addition, many professionals today who treat sexual disorders recommend the use of sex toys. So they’re neither new nor perverse.
The cock ring can be traced to around 1200 AD in China. We can assume men at that time needed and/or wanted to have sex multiple times a day to charm their numerous brides and mistresses. Also keep in mind members of the royal family were expected to have sons to pass their titles to. Thus, a string of daughters might push a man and his bride to have sex more often for the eventual birth of a male.
Cock rings as their known today first emerged in the 1600s. Also crafted by the Chinese, they were made of ivory and, during trade between China and Europe, started circulating the globe. Thanks to the writings of the Marquis de Sade in the late 18th and early 19th centuries, soon everyone knew about cock rings – and other unusual sexual pleasures.
The Cock Ring Today

It’s important for you to have this information so you understand the cock ring isn’t intended to inflict harm. (SEE: Vibrating Cock Rings for Erection Support) In fact, this device enhances your sexual experience. Millions of men suffer from unsustainable erections, with causes ranging from insecurity to blocked arteries. It’s more difficult to count how many men have premature ejaculation because this is not a medically-defined condition. Although recognized by the health community, a man is said to have premature ejaculation only if he or his lover is dissatisfied with sex.
One of the best features of the cock ring is its ease of use. They strap onto the penis and can be used for up to 30 minutes. With a wide variety from which to choose, you can purchase the one most suited to your body.
Cock Rings Variations

You can be sure not all cock rings are made the same. Some are nothing more than a smooth rubber circle, others have nubs that enhance the experience for men and women. A popular variety is the cock ring with vibrating testicle ring. Don’t worry – this device sounds more intimidating than it is. It straps onto the penis and helps stimulate your arousal by sending vibrating waves up your penis and through your testicles. The vibrations can also provide clit stimulation to your wife for a night of sensual lovemaking.
Of all the items available to a man with weak erections, the cock ring is perhaps the most effective. It will satisfy you and your wife, and you’ll orgasm when you’re ready rather than two minutes into intercourse. Purchase yours today and see what people have known for centuries: a cock ring improves sex.

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Vibrating Cock and Testicle Rings Guide - Temporary Help For Urgent Moment
Ancient Egyptian civilization gets credited for its accomplishments in astronomy.

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