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Botanical Beanstalk Boosters: The Impotence Regulators

He wants to know if there are any other options for treating his erectile dysfunction than prescription medications. Are they real? Do they work? Read on, get the facts and find out!
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What can I take as an alternative to my erectile dysfunction?

Even if you're not in that sad, sad minority who believe that their ability to achieve an erection is the sum and substance of “being a man”, the inability to achieve an erection when desired can leave you and your partner miserable. Techniques, medicines and the like promising to treat the problem have been around for thousands of years, but down through the centuries a few have proved to be reliably effective and safe. Let's take a look at how erections work, where the process can break down, and what questions to ask so you can find the solutions to meet your needs.
Basic Gardening For Your Cucumber

Your erection starts with a neural signal to various glands that produce nitric oxide, which makes the blood vessels in your penis get wider. A related signal goes to the muscles in your lower pelvis to pinch shut the arteries through which the blood returns to your heart, so that additional blood gets forced into the porous tissues in the left and right corpus cavernosum and the corpus spongiosum. Lots of other organs and glands participate, producing adrenalin, testosterone, prostaglandin e-2 and many other compounds; even your brain gets in on the fun, flooding itself with dopamine and other neurotransmitters.
Kinks In The Cycle

Nerve damage, especially to the relevant clusters in the lower back, can interrupt the signals necessary to keep the whole show running in proper sequence. You can't have an erection if you don't get enough nitric oxide, or the clamping muscle doesn't clamp, or if your adrenal glands don't help boost your heart-rate, and so on. Decreased levels of neurotransmitters like serotonin can also disrupt nerve-impulses.
Your erectile tissues develop a small number of tiny leaks after each erection; a too-active sex life that doesn't allow your body enough time or resources to repair them can leave your erectile tissues constricted with stiff scar tissues, preventing enough blood from going through the vessels while also preventing the tissue from stretching. And, biochemically, nitric oxide also requires a certain level of blood sugar, which may explain why diabetics often also experience E.D.
Soil Replenishment

You should analyze your diet to determine if you're getting enough zinc and B-vitamins, as these nutrients are substantial building-blocks for tissue-regeneration and semen manufacture. Properly-prepared oyster, crab and lobster offer large doses of both in each ounce. Lean meats, toasted wheat germ and pumpkin seeds contain lots of zinc, while your B-vitamin needs can be met with leafy green vegetables, dairy products and eggs. Do your own research to find the combinations of foods you will enjoy eating.
A moderate exercise regimen can also help restore your penis to proper functioning, as it boosts testosterone production. Your body uses testosterone to regulate tissue growth, so additional supplies will help address any neural damage that may contribute to your E.D.
While Herballove offers a wide variety of possibilities for all-natural herbal solutions to E.D., I recommend you start with sampling products made from Maca, a plant related to mustard that comes from Peru. (TRY: Impotence Fighting Maca Formula) It works by improving blood circulation to the erectile tissues, which in turn will assist in repairing damage there that may affect your erections.
Finally, I recommend keeping your health-care provider informed. You may need to gradually wean yourself from your current prescription medication, or you might be able to finish up your current supply and start taking your chosen Maca supplement immediately thereafter; your health-care provider's informed opinion and expert monitoring of your progress will help you avoid additional complications and will save you considerable recovery time.
Follow the directions, trust the process, and pay attention to how it's all going, and the results you desire will appear in due time. Good luck!

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Maca The Impotence Fighter

Part of the mustard family, Maca belongs to a storied genus that grows mostly in Peru.

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