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Fixing a Damaged Penis:

The Path to Recovery

His incessant masturbation habits have caused his penis to start to curve.

Case #: 28548


I enjoy masturbating. It’s my stress reliver. It’s my relax-me-after-a-long-day-of-work hobby. It’s my go-to activity when I’m sad or happy. I masturbate on a daily basis. I can’t remember the last time I skipped a day. Rain, shine, sick, or snow, I masturbate. Now, my daily, pleasure-releasing act is starting to feel painful. I can’t masturbate anymore without feeling some kind of discomfort. Even my penis is beginning to curve in an awkward position. What have I done to myself?


It’s fine to masturbate on occasion, especially to release some stress. Men, women, working professionals, even your local priest all masturbate. Why? Because sex is a natural human desire. It’s okay to masturbate on occasion. A problem occurs when it’s done in excess.

A Crooked Turn

The penis, like any part of the body, is susceptible to damage. It can develop scar tissue. It can become weakened. It can become contorted. The penis is made up of tissue, blood vessels, and an interconnected web of nerve endings. When the tissue becomes damage, scar tissue can start to grow. Once scar tissue starts to form, it overtakes the penile cylinders and causes curvature. When you gain an erection, the ballooned penis will start to curve more and more.

How to Stop The Curvature

Well, refraining from any and all sexual activities is a start. Masturbation is the reason why your penis is beginning to resemble a candy cane. For individuals suffering from any type of addiction, the habit requires 21 days (on average) to break. Once you stop masturbating, your body can start to remove the scar tissue built up around the tissue of the penis.

The duration of the healing will vary. For some men, the duration of healing will take a few weeks; for others, the process will require months. Healing depends on the severity of damage and the methods used to recover. Take Herbal Remedy For Penile Fibrotic Tissue Damage & Curvature to rid itself of the scar tissue build up faster. Still, even with supplements, the process is a long and arduous one. Why? Because the removal of scar tissue takes time. It takes months for the body to remove scar tissue build up.

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