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Fourth Down And No Sex To Go

Her boyfriend refuses to engage in sex due to the concern that sex will cause him to “lose energy.” Can sex really ruin a man’s athletic performance?

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My boyfriend remains adamant that sex alters his athletic ability. He continues to claim that each time we have sex before a game, he under performs. According to him, he feels “energy depleted.” As a woman—one with high needs—I find his clam egregious. I want to release my sexual tension, but I cannot do so before the games. My question is simple, does sex or masturbation really alter an athlete’s performance on the field?


Mind and body help an athlete do well on the field. A fatigued body will cause an athlete to under perform, while a less-than confident individual too will suffer from performance issues. Your boyfriend may be a bit superstitious, but his claims do warrant some truth to them. Here’s why:

After each ejaculation, the body releases an anti-inflammatory hormone called prostaglandin E-1. The hormone helps relax the muscles and joints. After sex, however, less prostaglandin E-1 is produced by the body.

Instead, the body needs some rest to recuperate the lower levels of prostaglandin E-1. Now will just one orgasm cause a severe depletion of prostaglandin E-1 that can ruin an athlete’s performance? Not likely. But your boyfriend’s superstitions can. His superstitions can alter his thinking pattern, placing a psychological emphasis on not ejaculating before a game. Brooding over this notion can cause him to under perform if he engages in sex.

So, What Can You Do?
Just because your boyfriend is part right, you can have sex. Remember, every orgasm doesn’t have to end in an ejaculation. By using all-natural herbal supplements (SEE: Climax Control Herbs) and techniques, he can still make you orgasm while impeding his. Plus, your orgasms may end up being much more intense and enjoyable.

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