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Master Masturbator Misses Mark With Mate

He started masturbating before he hit his teens, but once he acquired a willing partner he discovered that his penis no longer rises to the occasion. What has gone wrong? Is the damage permanent, or can he fix it? Read on, get the facts and find out!

Case #: 1804


I have been masturbating since age 7 or 8. Ever since, I have masturbated almost every day. When I try to have sex with my partner, my penis won't get hard. Is masturbation behind my problem?


Right up there with learning to read or finding a talent for something you already enjoy, the discovery of masturbation can consume your attention for years. Practiced with moderation, it can even provide you with useful insights about what pleases you. 'Moderation', however, has acquired an altogether undeserved bad reputation in our culture today, especially when it comes to activities that don't seem to have any immediate drawbacks. Case in point: excessive masturbation over many years. Let's take a look at how ejaculations work, so we can understand what's gone wrong and how you can fix it.

Master Plan

Your 'boner' is actually closer to a waterbed: certain hormonal and neurological signals force extra blood into the spongy, porous tissue inside your left and right corpus cavernosum and the corpus spongiosum beneath, and specific muscle contractions clamp down on the veins that let the blood flow out of those tissues when you aren't erect. Ejaculation triggers additional signals to release the blood and start the cleanup process, a lot like those huge bags of balloons they release at big parties as well as giving the maintenance staff the nod that the party's almost over.

Master Disaster

When you ejaculate more often than once every other day, your body starts accumulating stuff that makes ejaculations more difficult. For example, you need a particular amount of prostaglandin e-2 to keep your blood vessels dilated during sex, but too much of it left in your bloodstream for too long will trigger tissue inflammation that will constrict the blood vessels. The blood vessels in your penis also develop tiny leaks after each erection; your body can fix them in a couple of days, but only if you don't make more leaks (meaning: only if you don't ejaculate) within that time. Consider the state of your house if you punch two holes in the walls each day, but you can only patch one in that time. Your patch-jobs will very quickly start looking mighty ragged where there's still any wall left.

The many other health issues resulting from hormonal imbalance and increasing neurotransmitter depletion range from inconvenient and embarrassing to highly debilitating. Impotence is just one of many, and if you do not wish to experience any more of them than you probably already do, then you need to do something different with your time.

Master Recovery Plan

The first thing to do, of course, is stop masturbating completely for at least three solid weeks, and avoiding sexual stimulation as much as possible during that time. I know that it can be tough to go completely without for that long, especially when it's a habit you've cultivated for such a significant part of your life. All I can do is advise you to remind yourself that you've got the choice of either a little discomfort now in the name of getting your sex life back, or keep doing what you're doing and run the very real risk of permanent impotence.

Fill up the recovery time with better habits, like improving your diet. Regenerating the damaged tissue in your penis requires lots of nutrients, but zinc and B-complex vitamins are at the top of the list. Properly-prepared oysters will give you a good supply of both. Lean red meat or toasted wheat germ offer lots of zinc, while leafy green vegetables or eggs and dairy will help cover most of your B-complex needs.

A moderate exercise program will help reduce abdominal fat while increasing your testosterone levels, which will in turn assist with your tissue repair process.

You should consider taking an all-natural herbal supplement designed specifically to improve blood circulation and to assist in re-balancing hormone levels. (TRY: Youth Impotence Recovery Tincture).

No matter which solutions or combinations thereof you choose, I also recommend keeping your health-care provider informed. An expert's advice on adjusting dosage can shave months off of your recovery time.

Beyond that, just keep reminding yourself that you worked very hard over many years to get yourself into this mess, so you aren't going to recover from it overnight. Patient and persistent effort, especially if you stumble once in a while, will bring you the results you desire. Good luck!

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