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Cock-A-Doodle-Too Much – Beating Up Your Own Penis via Penis Pump/Jelqing

The gentleman concerned in this case study has been practicing hazardous techniques on his poor penis and now it has lost its erection strength. Is this permanent or can he make a full recovery.

Case #: 1503


A year or so ago I noticed that I was able to get super hard erections. I was of course selfish and was one of those guys that wanted more so I started using the jelqing technique along with a penis pump to get a bigger penis. I have now noticed that my erections are really weak and even my girlfriend has noticed and we've talked about it. Is it possible to get those super hard erections back? What can I do about it?


“That is one big stiffy, huh?” the young man said braggadociously while holding his firm erection in his hand.

“It’s like…okay,” his girlfriend replied while cutting her eyes to the side.

“What do you mean ‘it’s okay?’

“I mean it’s…never mind.”

“No, what do you mean?” Now he was looking a little angry and dejected.

“Well, I mean like, my last boyfriend had a bigger one, but yours…I mean at least it gets nice and hard.”

He clenched his jaw. Looking down he saw that his “stiffy” had gone soft because of the conversation, and the last bit of it including the half-assed compliment hadn’t helped. In the following days, he scoured the internet for ways in which one could get a larger penis. He noticed a technique called jelqing and read a couple of satisfied customers’ glowing reviews on a website that sold a jelqing guide. That would do.

He started practicing the jelqing exercises on himself while looking for additional aids that would aid his penis growth. He came across one company’s website which promised penis enlargement, and again read the raving reviews, all 5-stars. He discovered that his local drug store sold that very penis pump he was looking at and, taking a break from his rigorous jelqing session, put his pants on and rushed off to the store. It had to be safe if it was available in a drug store…yeah.

Racing up to the store, he barely avoided running over an elderly lady while careening into the parking lot. After buying the pump, he likewise sped back home and almost ran over a neighborhood dog in the process. He rushed into the his apartment and after placing the penis pump on the table, tore the box away from it like some sort of rabid gorilla, vaguely being aware of flinging the instruction booklet to the side. Guide, shmide, he said to himself— he’d show his girlfriend who the new big boy in town was!

After a few intense and lengthy penis pumpin’ sessions he started to notice some penile discoloration and limpness…maybe this wasn’t such a good idea after all...

While it’s unlikely this is exactly what happened to you, I’m sure that you sought out these hazardous techniques for a reason or else you wouldn’t have gone there.

What happens when you play around with dangerous devices and exercises for your penis is that they can cause severe ruptures and tears to your penile blood vessels, tissues, and nerves. They can also cause the formation of hardened patches of collagen scarring which inhibit the flow of blood and lead to a weak erection. So how are you to get back to normal?

Wholistic Help

The good luck here is that you can kill two birds with one stone by stopping the hazardous jelqing exercises along with the whacky penis pumping at the same time. This will enable your body to at least not be damaged further and start to recover.

Taking an herbal healing supplement can greatly enhance your penile reparations. They contain powerfully effective herbs such as Opiopogon, Poria Coscos, and Soy Isoflavones, which can repair and renew your penile tissues on a cellular level. (TRY: Natural Herbal Formula for Penile Nerve & Injury Restoration) Other botanicals such as Alima Plantago, and Cornus Officinalis, go directly to the damaged nerve sites to restore their sensitivity. Others promote HGH and nitric oxide production which can lead to a return to epic penile hardness and lasting longer erections as well, and since these remedies are all-natural the only side-effect you’ll experience is an incredible boing factor!

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