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Thinning Ain’t Winning – Hair Loss Caused by Excessive Masturbation

Here’s an interesting case study involving a man that has been a little too much sexy-time and is now losing his hair. Are you having this problem as well? Read on for some help…

Case #: 781


Recently, I have been having some problems. Every time I ejaculate during sex, I start to feel burning in my scalp in about 1 hour. The scalp also is itchy and I am seeing hair loss. Also, I have premature ejaculation and pain in the lower abdomen area. The burning in scalp disappears after 1 day, but after next ejaculation it is back. I have this urge to have sex every day and I ejaculate almost every day. Before, I didn't have premature ejaculation just the itching and burning in scalp and I was ejaculating 8-10 times a week.


If you’re like most men you love a well-built and powerful car. And there is something to be said about America’s obsession with cars. In a sense they can be seen as an extension of ourselves, and many of us as boys growing up, fantasize about what type of car we’d like to have as our first. I had always had it in my mind that I would want to have a souped-up muscle car. What I imagined is that it would be so cool to take my beast of a car and match it up against several other similar vehicles with around the same horsepower, and race against them. The course would be from Los Angeles to Las Vegas and we could just go as fast as we could to get to the finish line. I fantasized about getting the go-sign, punching the pedal to the metal and taking off like a bullet. Could you imagine going that fast over a course that long?

From Win to Thin

But what would happen if you were racing across the desert mid-way between the two cities and your oil levels started to fall as not only your engine started to overheat from the prolonged duress it was put under in order to perform, but also from the scorching desert sun. If that weren’t enough, let’s say you hadn’t cleaned your engine properly prior to launch.

Now imagine that your body is the car’s engine. After putting too much stress on it through your chronic masturbation habits without putting it in the garage (rest) between races (masturbatory/sex ejaculations), what has occurred is that an accumulation of grim and dirt (DHT) has built up on your engine inhibiting certain functions (blocking your hair follicles). If that weren’t enough, through constant elevated performance levels your engine now overheats faster which you can see as a massive build-up of the inflammatory lipid prostaglandin E2, which sets parts of your body on fire; including your lower abdomen and reproductive system. So how do we prevent your engine from catching on fire?

That’s no Mirage, it’s a Garage

First off in order to start to get repairs underway you’re going to have to steer your car into a garage for some time off. Keep it in the shop until your hair loss and other symptoms are gone; that means no masturbation and no sex.

What you can do to accelerate your repairs is take a detoxifying herbal remedy. (TRY: Herbal Remedy for Very Severe Hair Loss) Since these are all natural, they will work in conjunction with your body’s healing properties in order to boost them further. Special properties contained within these formulas can increase the amount of oil in your engine (testosterone) which is required to negate the inflammatory response. They will also eventually clean away the grime (DHT) that is clogging your engine’s functions (hair follicles) and allow them to thrive again (promote hair growth).

Another benefit is that any damage caused to your electrical wiring (parasympathetic nervous system) will be repaired, curing your premature ejaculations. So the next time that you hit the road, you’ll be in the best shape you can be in order to reach the finish line first and win!

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