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Becoming A Fertile Mertile: The Reasons Why She Can’t Get Pregnant

If you've ever had trouble getting pregnant, you know how frustrating it can be. Learn how to increase your conceiving chances without harsh drugs or chemicals.

Case #: 1704


Me and my husband have been trying to get pregnant for over seven years and had no luck at all. We have both been to the doctors and got the news that we are perfectly healthy and the tests show that everything looks normal and we should be able to get pregnant. If we are able to then what can we do to increase those chances of getting pregnant? Does anything exist to help your chances to become pregnant faster?


When that wonderful moment comes, when everything locks into alignment, and you and your mate decide it is time to grow a family, immediate birth may unfortunately be in your immediate future. I know it might seem at the moment, as if every random woman is able to get pregnant just by blinking their eyes. And when we finally agree with our partners that this moment is the right time to grow, all that we get is a great big...Goose egg.

All About Timing

The truth is pregnancy is kind of like a numbers game. A couple of figures to keep in mind are one, twenty-four, and five. A woman ovulates once a month and will have their period fourteen days afterwards. The ovulation period lasts about twenty-four hours, however this does not mean you are only able to conceive within one day. Sperm can actually live within the vagina for up to five days after unprotected intercourse.

The Usual Suspects

Typically infertility is caused when there is a disconnect concerning ovulation. Other causes for problems include hormonal imbalances, fallopian tubes damage, and a low sperm quality count. Luckily, before having to resort to intrusive methods of fertilization, there are more natural, and much less costly tweaks you can make in your life to increase your chances of conceiving.

The Diet

Doctors and researchers have found that trans fats are very detrimental to the ovulation process in many ways. Staying away from junk foods and fatty red meat will help to keep the body clean of harmful toxins that may interfere with becoming pregnant.

The Pressure

Stress, or thinking negatively does not help in any situation, especially in pregnancy. Stress has been proven to actually lower your chances of getting pregnant. So it is very important to take some time out of each day only for yourself. It doesn't matter if it's only a few minutes alone in your office, bedroom, or bath tub.

Other Factors

Additional ovulation problems can stem from things such as high gluten intake. Some women are sensitive to gluten without even knowing it. An acute sensitivity to it can create amenorrhea, lower pregnancy rates, and even miscarriage.

I would definitely suggest a good fertility lubricant to ensure sperm reaches the egg unharmed and well intact. (SEE: Fertility Boosting Lubricant) The lube will also improve the actual fertilization rate without throwing off vaginal pH, or increasing pregnancy-reducing acidity.

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