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Watch Out, I'm Feeling Loopy! Controlling the Seamen

Learn about the many ways to treat and impede any mild case of erectile dysfunction and venous leak issues.
Case #:1923

I have been trying hard to work through my venous leak problems with the cock rings for the last few months. They seem to help a little, but I still can't stay hard for as long as I need to. Is there anything else that might create the tighter hold that I need?

In order to fully comprehend why your erections aren't holding up to their full potential, you must first understand how a man is able to achieve an erection in the first place. The first stages of an erection begins with the relaxation of the penile muscles. Once the muscles are in a state of relaxation, blood will begin to instinctually fill up the chambers within the shaft of the penis. The blood filling chambers is what allows the penile tissue to expand.
The Art Of Staying Up

However, when a man has the misfortune of having to deal with venous leakage, the blood that is usually forced into those shaft chambers during sexual arousal will quickly dissipate from the shaft. Basically, it will cause the blood to disappear faster than when it first arrived.
This is can be an incredibly embarrassing aspect of a man's sex life. And like you, they too want to find the answer as fast as they can. The truth is, a lot of men who experience ED really have no grasp on how, or why it happens to them. All factors of ED stem from some other aspect of your everyday life.
Cause Of Erectile Dysfunction

There are a multitude of reasons and causes for erectile dysfunction. The most common causes include, but are not limited to; drug use, heart disease, diabetes, low testosterone levels, and obesity. Luckily, whatever the cause may be, the good news is, there is a fix for it. Even the more intensive causes of erectile dysfunction, like your venous leakage for example, is able to be reversed.
How To Treat Venous Leakage

Venous leakage is a unique erection malfunction that actually lets the collected shaft-chamber-blood escape, or disperse out of the penis and back into the rest of the blood channels of the body. This makes it practically impossible for a man to achieve a functional erection, or any kind of erection at all in more severe cases.
Most erectile dysfunction causes are easily treated and dealt with through the help of herbal remedies such as Deer Antler and Horny Goat Weed. As you mentioned, cock rings will also help, but they are usually reserved for more mild cases of ED.
Men like yourself, who suffer from venous leakage, will need to be a bit more aggressive with their treatment method. Most venous leakage cases will require a penile loop. (SEE: Penile Loops for Venous Leak Help) The loop works, much like a cock ring. The only major difference is the tightening aspect that is included. The penile loop will actually close off the veins that blood would typically leak back out of.

What to do

Penile Loop for Venous Leak

Keep penile blood inside the chambers to prevent venous leaks.

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