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A Call to Your Balls – Over masturbation and Inflammation

Here’s a case study involving a gentleman that has been experiencing pains down in his nether realms due to too much happy-time with himself. What is the cause and what is the solution? Read on to find out...

Case #: 960


I am a 25 year old white male and sometimes after I ejaculate I have pains in my testicles. My testicles have slight pain. It doesn't always hurt though only sometimes. I was just wondering if you could lead me in the right way of getting help for this or tell me what was wrong with me. Thank you very much.


Firefighters have a long, proud, storied history in the United States…and with good reason; many of these brave men have sacrificed their lives while trying to save innocent folks from burning to death, and also taking on huge wildfires spanning hundreds and even thousands of acres.

Playing With Fire

Unfortunately, the more frequency that firefighters respond to these blazes the more potential for putting themselves in the “line of fire” so to speak. Films such as Ladder 49 have dramatized these heroic undertakings. This movie stars actors Joaquin Phoenix and John Travolta who play a brave young firefighter and his Deputy Chief respectively. They both work for the busiest fire station in the city of Baltimore, Maryland, and as such respond to many dangerous calls. Phoenix’s character responds to one particularly calamitous call in which he becomes trapped inside a building and even though he struggles valiantly to survive, he ultimately sacrifices his life in order not to endanger any of his fellow firefighters.

Now let’s say that your penis (fire station) has been a little too busy responding to calls (masturbation ending in ejaculation) and the more calls that it responds too, the higher the chance for danger. In this case you’ve responded to so many calls that you’ve put yourself in danger. Your firefighters (androgen hormones and neurotransmitters) have been overtaxed and are weary; placing themselves in more and more hazardous situations.

Now let’s imagine that through someone’s carelessness a four-alarm fire is breaking out in your fire station and it has become inflamed (overproduction of prostaglandin E-2)! How do we get you out of this precarious situation?

Hose That Mother Down!

Start to put lesson those fires by dumping as much available water as you can on them by giving yourself time off from masturbation. How long? We’re talking long enough for your fires to be fully gone. This will give you some initial reprieve from the flames.

If you’d like to completely quell this out-of-control blaze, taking a natural herbal supplement could be just what you’re looking for. (SEE: Nerve & Pain for Rejuvenation of Penis) Imagine these potent mixtures as fire trucks (dispatched from a neighboring fire station) pulling up and saturating your building with numerous hoses with fluids containing properties which replenish your exhausted hormones and neurotransmitters. They also repair your penile and testicular tissues, as well as douse your excessive prostaglandin E-2 levels.

The end result can be putting out the fires, saving your station from further damage, and rebuilding it to be an even more fire-resistant building, with healthy, alert firefighters ready for action.

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