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Searching for the Fountain of Youth: An Older Man Seeks Erectile Dysfunction Remedy to Pleasure His Younger Girlfriend

This 63-year old man has found love with a younger woman. Much younger, by nearly 30 years. He’s not trouble by the age difference, except where sex is concerned. He’s battled erectile dysfunction for several years and is now ready to emerge the victor. What he needs is a remedy unlike mainstream medications with unwelcome side effects and complications.
Case #: 1978

My story might embarrass other men, but not me. I am 63 years old and have fallen in love with a 35-year old woman. Yes, I feel lust for this woman – she’s gorgeous. But I also love and want to please her. I am in great physical shape and care for my appearance. What I need help with is erectile dysfunction. I’ve been battling this for a few years, and now that I’m dating this younger woman, I need a fast remedy. Please don’t suggest a prescription drug. I’ve tried several and am tired of the side effects they pose.

You can’t sit in front of the television without seeing a prescription drug commercial. Among the most popular of these ads are pills to combat erectile dysfunction. They look and sound promising, but only in the first several seconds. If you listen long enough, you’ll hear the grocery list of side effects that accompanies these medications. You therefore can’t help but wonder if the pills are even worth any benefit they provide.
The Gamete of ED Treatments

A variety of treatments have been used over the years to correct erectile dysfunction (ED). Medieval physicians applied treatment through the urethra, a practice that continued until the 16th century. Some doctors also recommended pills and tonics. Patients in the 1800s received sheep testis to balance natural testosterone levels. Not until the 1940s was testosterone purified, and the sheep testes standard put to rest.
Since these early practices, doctors have tried everything from inflatable penile implants to the youth equivalent device (YED). These generic procedures filled the hole of prescription medications that, up to 1983, repeatedly failed. That year, a British physiologist introduced medication that relaxed smooth muscles to allow sustainable erections. You might say the rest is history.
Mainstream Medications

Medications to treat ED generate more than $2 billion in sales each year. They prey on culture’s widespread belief that masculinity starts in the bedroom. Hence, a man who cannot sustain an erection lacks masculinity.
But mainstream ED medications mask what could be an underlying issue. They seemingly echo medieval practices in Europe where men accused of impotence had to prove in public they could achieve erections. Humiliation, rather than medication, was used to goad them into sexual performance. Today’s pharmaceutical companies work similarly by harping about the need for men to be willing and ready for sex at all times. They then declare the path to normal sexuality starts with a pill.
An Array of Side Effects

As ED treatments have seemingly evolved, their side effects have become more pronounced. Nausea, headaches and stomach pain are among the most common. Men are also at risk for memory loss, dizziness and muscle pain. The problem is that a person cannot know how his or her body will respond to medication until it’s ingested. That means you have to take your chances and ingest the pill, at which time it’s too late to stop the potential for complications.
It is common knowledge that any medication can present side effects. Sometimes these are far less troubling than the condition they treat. But ED is not a life-threatening problem. Yes, it harms self-esteem and impacts personal relationships, two significant factors in terms of well-being. ED, however, can be effectively treated with other remedies - free of harmful side effects.
Nature’s Healthful Bounty

Citizens in Ancient Egypt and Ancient China turned to nature when struck by illness. One of the most popular remedies from these times is the tisane. Blended with a variety of healing herbs, tisanes have the ability to nourish, detoxify and uplift. (TRY: Tincture for Senior Erectile Improvement) They persist today, although people commonly know them as herbal tea. The healing benefits remain the same.
Tisanes can be brewed to meet the needs of individual people. Men battling ED benefit most from ingredients like Horny Goat Weed, Cistanche and Lycium. These herbs repair damaged nerves and tissues in the penis and also increase sexual desire. They balance the body’s hormones and promote strong, regular blood flow. What you’ll see are rock solid erections and hours of pleasure between the sheets. Your girlfriend won’t believe your age – and neither will you.

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Erection Improvement Tincture For Seniors

If male menopause is causing your impotence, learn how to improve your erectile nerves and blood flow for a better, stronger erection

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