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Moby Dick? More like Fishy Dick! - Smelly Penis Issues

A man’s girlfriend is really concerned with the smell wafting from her mate’s penis. What can she do to help his situation?

Case #: 1651


I have been together with my boyfriend over a year and we both love to have oral sex but there is a little problem, he is uncircumcised and when we do have oral sex his penis has a very foul smell to it, almost fishy. He asks me why I have stopped performing oral sex as much as we used to when we were first together and I feel bad telling him that the smell is so bad that it makes me gag. I always wonder how he himself can't smell it; I have to be "down there." As soon as he takes off his boxers I can start to smell that gross smell somewhat. Can he seriously not smell it? Is there something to this smell or some ways to help get rid of it? I really want to have sex with my own boyfriend but this is really making it hard. I want to make him as happy as possible and I don't think that is possible with this smell.


Michelle had been dating Tim for a couple of years and things were going pretty smooth. They’d decided to make it more official and entered into an exclusive relationship. The sex had always been really wild and raunchy, just like they both liked it. Most recently, they had been experimenting with not only some crazy sex positions but also a lot of mutual oral sex.

One time, when they were engaged in some rigorous mutual oral sex aka “69ing,” Michelle caught a slight whiff of some sort of fishy smell which seemed to be coming from Tim’s member. She didn’t want to say anything to him in order to protect his feelings but made a mental note of the smell since she had heard that uncircumcised men like Tim were prone to more hygiene issues.

A week later, after Tim had returned from a business trip, they pounced on each other like some sort of rabid animals and she ripped his pants down and ducked her head down in order to perform some hot fallacio. Her head bounced right back just as quickly, with such force that the back of her head hit his chin. It smelled as if someone had blended a bunch of rotten fish carcasses up in a blender and poured it all over his penis. She tried to play it off by kissing him instead.

The Horrible Stench!

While this scenario may be a little more exaggerated than what you may have experienced, it might not be that far off. Every day, thousands of women silently suffer; literally faced with their men’s fishy crotches.

Men can get yeast infections just like women, and usually they contract them from their female partners, even though she may not even be exhibiting any symptoms. Or, it could be that he has developed a urinary tract infection which can happened if bacteria travels up his urethra and infects his kidneys and bladder. Both can result in a really bad smell emanating from his penis which is anything but sexy.

However, in many cases it is simply the result of a lack of penile hygiene. Dead skin and bacteria can collect underneath the foreskin and wind up stinking like some something crawled up and died on his penis. So how do you help him get rid of this problem?

Fish – Free Fun

Good hygiene must become a part of his life, so you could talk to him about it and see what he’s doing with regards to washing down there. Sometimes guys get accustomed to smells coming from their bodies and don’t even notice them much. In any case, most men usually need additional help, and that’s where taking a powerful herbal remedy can really make the difference. (SEE: Natural Herbal Formula for Penis Smell Relief) The specialized properties of these ancient botanicals can re-balance his pH levels and also halt the metabolic processes which lead to “fishy dick.” The can also vastly improve his liver and kidney function, which can help in flushing his body of toxins and impurities, which also help in this equation.

So get back to how it used to be…smell – free!

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