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Kegel Exercises For Men Might Do More Harm Than Help

He wishes to know if Kegel Exercises are beneficial.

Case #: 29244


Four months ago, I started doing the Kegel exercises hoping to fix my premature ejaculation problem. However, the PC muscle started to get sore. I stopped the Kegel workout after a few days because the area in my groin was getting painful. I went to the doctor and a specialist who examined my prostate and said there was no bacteria infection. I was given antibiotics (doxycycline) and the severe pain stopped. Despite the antibiotics, I still experience pain and my pe problem gets worse. Could the Kegel exercise be the cause of my current problem?


Kegel exercises do not cause inflammation—or any type of bacterial infection. Kegel exercises are relatively safe to perform and are designed to help improve your sexual stamina. Your prostate bacteria may be a result of blood congestion, excessive testosterone and DHT in the PC muscles caused by poor circulation.

Instead, it seems as if your problems are caused by solely the bacteria infection that has still infected your prostate. Talk to your doctor to get drugs for your prostate inflammation and supplement with Chinese herbs to strengthen your prostate.

Kegel exercise is not suitable for men that have weak or exhausted prostate caused by sexual exhaustion. Try other safe & effective ejaculation contorl techniques such as Taoist's Natural Ejaculation Control Technique or herbal remedies to fix your PE problem.

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jacob jakob
11/19/2023 5:46:00 PM
I know that the Kegel Exercises are really advertised here and that is because they are good. I have seen on other sites that people talk negative about them saying it does more hurt then harm. However, this is exactly what I wanted, a confirmation that it really does work. I knew my instincts were right and that this was correct. I now have all the proper information to try it.

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