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From Ejaculation to Inflammation – Is Masturbation Bad for the Prostate?

Ejaculation is hard on the prostate, and too much can lead to a variety of prostate afflictions. But can you prevent these problems by masturbating without orgasm? Get the facts.

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Does masturbating, but not going as far as orgasm prevent aggravating the prostrate or is it only ejaculation that raises the PSA? Does ejaculation raise the PSA...temporarily or permanently? Trying to get my PSA down, no cancer to cause it to be elevated, searching for answers. Thanks for your help!


Masturbating without orgasm is like running a marathon and skipping the finish line. Nevertheless, if you're determined to forgo the final payoff in the hopes of maintaining your reproductive health, preventing prostate cancer or simply sparing your seed, more power to you. But before you subject yourself to long nights of mild satisfaction followed by hours of nagging sexual frustration, it's important to understand the kind of impact that this kind of selfish semen hoarding can actually have. Can it actually prevent the kind of sexual exhaustion and dysfunction that typically accompany over-masturbation? Or are you just torturing yourself to no particular benefit?

PSA, Prostate Health and Masturbation

You're correct that ejaculation abrades the prostate ejaculation duct, causing your PSA level to become elevated. When prostate cancer is ruled out, high PSA levels are typically the result of prostatitis (prostate inflammation). In young men, prostatitis most commonly results from over-masturbation. Ejaculation elevates your production of prostaglandin E-2 in the prostate, thereby inflaming the gland.

So in theory, you should be able to get the problem under control by avoiding the grand show stopping finale, right? No ejaculation means no elevated hormone production means no inflammation means no PSA. Unfortunately, it's not quite that simple.

Masturbation isn't some instantaneous action like firing a gun (unless, perhaps, you've been holding it in for a few weeks, in which case, bring some extra tissues). Rather, it's a process, and one that involves a variety of physiological functions. Your prostate isn't involved simply in the final ejaculation, but it's with you throughout the course of the race. It produces and releases the pre-cum that lubricates your urethra, and prolonged stroking—even without ejaculation—can most definitely aggravate this sensitive gland.

Unfortunately, there is no way to masturbate without placing strain on your body, just as there is no way to live on fast food without impacting your cholesterol (believe me, I've tried). Nevertheless, you can take steps to reduce and even reverse any existing prostate inflammation.

Prostate Health for Dummies

There are numerous herbal remedies that work to promote prostate health, reduce prostaglandin E-2 and keep PSA levels under control. (SEE: Prostate Health Balancing Herbal Formula) As a result, you can look forward to less prostate inflammation, less irritation and improved sexual function. By preventing prostate enlargement, research shows that you may even be able to reduce your risk of developing prostate cancer. And that's definitely a huge win if you're not partial to life-threatening diseases.

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