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The Nerve of Your Penis–Treating Penile Nerve and Blood Vessel Damage

He was suffering excruciating pain as a result of nerve and tissue damage to his penis.But what causes this affliction?And more importantly,what can be done about it?Learn the facts.



Dr.Lin,I've been having severe burning in the right side of my penis.I've been to urologist&neurologist with no results.I'm afraid.It is nerve damage to my penis as it seems to burn all the time.Also it seems to pull to the left in flaccid state.The pain is very extreme and hardly ever gets up.This has been going on for several months.Will an ultra-sound of the penis reveal any damage?Please respond ASAP with any advice.


It sounds like you definitely have some nerve damage,but that's not the only thing going on.To a guy,ejaculation is the most physically satisfying sensation that doesn't require deadly intoxicants,and as a result,the privilege is easy to abuse.After all,your penis is constantly just sitting there between your legs,teasing you,waiting to be stimulated.

It's not as though you can just get rid of it and lock yourself away in a sober house for penis addicts.Like it or not,it's always going to be there,like that annoying cousin who came to crash on your couch for a few days and just never left.When it comes to masturbation,the trick is learning the art of moderation.

Nerve Damage and More

Constant,rigorous masturbation not only damages the sensitive nerves along your penis,but also ruptures blood vessels.As a result,scar tissue forms where healthy tissue once resided.This causes the penis to become misshapen,and makes it more difficult for you to achieve a healthy,firm erection.Oh,and then there is the excruciating pain.This is the result of nerve damage,prostate inflammation and urethral inflammation.

Inflammation results from an excess of inflammatory hormones running rampant throughout your reproductive system,and as you know,the consequences can be fierce.All hormones serve a valid purpose,but when they aren't in balance,your body can become like a malfunctioning computer(virus laden,slow to operate,and overwhelmed by pornographic images).

Now that we've outlined why your symptoms exist,it's time to identify what we can do about them.After all,it's not easy to maintain a normal sex life when the mere process of sexual stimulation causes you to writhe in pain like a man slowly turning into a werewolf.Fortunately,there are natural ways to reverse much of the damage,and they don't require surgery or vows of celibacy.

Penis Be Healed

If you haven't figured it out,the first step is to cut back on the ejaculation.Speak to a professional counselor if necessary,soak your right hand in hot sauce,do whatever it takes.Second,take an herbal remedy formulated to treat nerve damage.(TRY:Penile Nerve Restoration for Pain)Herbs like Cornus Officinalis,Atractylodes Macrocephala and Cimicifuga work to replenish damaged nerves while restoring hormonal balance.Finally,remember that ejaculation feels good,but not as good as having the ability to walk straight.So enjoy life's pleasures in moderation.

What to do

Penile Pain,Fracture,&Nerve Rejuvenation Remedy

Improve penile tissue and nerve ending recovery damaged by cock rings,penile pumps,abusive masturbation and dangerous sex positions.

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