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One Small Problem – The Reason Why Your Penis is Shrinking

Too much masturbation left him to grapple with penis shrinkage and exhaustion. What's the connection here? And what can be done? Get the facts.

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I have an erection problem and it is shrinking from 5 inches to 4 inches. I can have sex only one time a day. I used to have sex 4 times a day. I think the problem is over-masturbation. Anyway, I want my 5 inches back and I want to have sex more than 1 time a day. So please tell me what kind of solutions there are for my problem. Oh, I haven’t had sex for 2 years and now I started dating one girl and I noticed my problem return. So, please help me, thanks.


It has been said that the mighty Samson was the largest and most powerful of all the Israelites, but he wasn't immortal. He may have killed one thousand Philistines with only the jawbone of an ass, but his greatest enemy turned out to be himself, as he finally summoned all of his immense strength, pushed two pillars apart and toppled an entire temple over his head, killing himself upon impact. The story has been passed down by Christians and Jews for centuries, and like most myths, parables and allegories, it carries a wide variety of real-world applications.

Now, I could go with the obvious literal analogy and tell you that your penis is like a pillar, and you need to stop applying so much force to it lest you should screw yourself over. But that's a bit on the nose, so I'll go with a slightly more metaphorical analogy.

Your penis is a source of great strength and vitality, but it's not indestructible. We sometimes take that for granted. No man is immortal, and no penis can withstand the scourge of being treated like a 24-hour hand crank. But it's not just a matter of wearing out the flesh. There are deeper internal issues at work here (no pun intended).

Over-Masturbation and Penis Shrinkage – It's all in the Science

Penis shrinkage has multiple causes, but the two most common are plaque buildup in the arteries and scar tissue accumulation. The scar tissue and plaque both inhibit blood flow. As a result, less blood fills the chambers, and the penis is unable to expand properly. These issues emerge as a result of relentless masturbation.

Furthermore, over-masturbation depletes your testosterone and other important sex hormones, thereby contributing to sexual exhaustion. This would account for your diminishing endurance. And to think, Samson just had his long hair to worry about.

Will Samson Rise Again?

The good news is, you're still young, and we can fix this. I think you probably already know step 1. Cut back on the masturbation. That's the hardest part for any guy (enough with the puns already). After all, I can scarcely think of any sensation more satisfying than an orgasm, but your health needs to come first, and if you continue to overwork your penis, none of your orgasms will be very good.

Second, consider taking a botanical concoction that's formulated for penile tissue rejuvenation. (SEE: Herbal Rejuvenation for Penile Tissue) This kind of herbal remedy would contain ingredients like Cistanche, Cnidium, Cuscuta, Deer Antler and Fo Ti. When you and your new girl finally take things to the next level, you won't have to apologize for embarrassing “performance issues,” or “size issues,” or “crying issues.”

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