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How to Increase Testosterone Naturally?

Learn how a 31-year-old man can combat a low sex drive and fatigue caused by low testosterone.

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Having heard that sex drive decreases with age, I was not too concerned, especially as I began to experience the problem myself. Honestly, I believed the issue would correct itself, and being too embarrassed and ashamed of the problem, I never visited a professional, a dilemma I’m sure many men have faced.

As I aged, my weight increased; my fatigue decreased—along with my sex drive. So finally, out of frustration and anger, I visited a general practitioner who prescribed an “enhancement” drug. I declined the drug and don't want to be druged for the rest of my life.


Sex drive wanes as men age. While excessive masturbation and ejaculation can lead to low sex drive in young men, hormonal imbalances can be the culprit for older men.

As a result of low testosterone levels, men may experience the following:

  • Low motivation or urges to engage in sex
  • A change in body weight, which can eventually lead to obesity if not addressed, Chronic fatigue
  • Male menopause

The Impact of Low Testosterone

Low testosterone can be the result of many different problems. This is why it is not limited to a specific age. Common reasons for low levels of testosterone include: genetic disorders, prescription drug use, sexual exhaustion, such as over masturbation, diabetes and obesity.

The only way to determine if you suffer from low testosterone, or if your problem is the product of a different underlying issue, is to measure blood levels.

Finding Help

Some doctors will suggest that you undergo replacement therapy to increase your testosterone levels back to a normal rate. This will involve the use of intra-muscular injections, patches or gels. However, this is still a controversial topic that you should give ample consideration to.

Herbs and supplements can correct this issue without any dangerous side effects caused by replacement therapy. And since you are experiencing more than one symptom, it will take time for the supplements work.

Restore Testosterone Levels Naturally

In addition to finding the proper combination of potent herbs and supplements you can implement several lifestyle changes that will help the levels of your testosterone return to normal. These solutions include:

  • Consume DIM from a selection of raw, cruciferous vegetables
  • Use a formula to detoxify your colon
  • Increase your intake of zinc
  • Take steps to reduce the fat around your abdominal

It is important to remember that millions of men suffer from low testosterone, which means that you’re not alone and there are options available.

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