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Whiskey, Wine and Song - Failing Chemistry

He has had great success reducing inflammation and cramping with the supplements, but he is experiencing symptoms of excessive supplementation.

Case #: 45138


The product formulated based on Botanical Formula for Erection Rejuvenation is amazing. I am more focused, and I feel less agitated. However, I find the formula too strong. I feel dizzy occasionally at the day time, but I have a strong erection during sex! Could my long-term use of pain killer medications and alcohol abuse be at fault? How about taking supplements with alcohol? How can I still get a firm erection without the side effects of the formula?


Certain drugs and supplements--recreational and medicinal—can cause adverse reactions. Whenever you experience an unintended result, stop taking the medicine or supplement. In other instances where side effects occur, your body may be rejecting the high dosages.

Circulatory System at Work

Your circulatory system provides nutrients, removes toxins, carries oxygen to the body and expels carbon dioxide. The circulatory system too ensures blood reaches vital organs, including the brain and heart. Age, long-term use of medication or abuse to drugs can damage the circulatory system. In your situation, a damaged circulatory system may be the cause for your dizziness.

Supplements, Drugs and Alcohol—A Dangerous Combination

Many people drink socially; some, ritualistically. Supplements, as with prescription drugs, should not be mixed with alcohol. Supplements, especially those designed for the heart, nerves, and brain health, can repair these organs and bodily fluids, but alcohol consumption can dilute their effectiveness—and worse, damage erectile strength.

Alcohol consumption damages the liver’s detoxification process and stymies the organ’s capacity to produce necessary nutrients and hormones for the body. Years of alcohol abuse can even prevent the production of necessary sex hormone, such as testosterone. When the liver can no longer remove toxins or produce necessary hormones, men often experience a reduction in erectile strength.


Prescription drugs and herbal remedies with high dosages must be taken with care. Every individual will react to the drug or supplement in a different way. If you notice the formula causes dizziness, take a lower dosage or consume half of the required amount. Don’t perform any physically taxing activities while first starting a supplemental regiment. Adjust to your supplements first.

If you continue to experience dizziness, you may want to try another formula, such as a Natural Remedies for Alcohol Impotence. As you mentioned, you abused medications and alcohol for years. Years of abuse to these two substances can damage your liver. Herbal compounds in Natural Remedies for Alcohol Impotence can improve the liver’s detoxification process to eliminate toxins and improve hormonal production for a health erection.

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