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Sexually Exhausted and No Place to Go

How can something that feels so good hurt so bad?Learn about the telltale symptoms of sexual exhaustion,from the pain to the ejaculatory dysfunction,and find out what you can do about it.



I was very impressed by your website.My husband,who has a very healthy libido,is now suffering from a serious health issue.This problem started in the seminal vessel area and now wraps around to the kidney(left side).For many years,after a series of constant ejaculations(perhaps 2-3 daily)he would feel pain after ejaculation that was temporary.He has seen several doctors,ultra sound,and I believe tested for cancer(he is not here to give details)have led to no information.Now,the pain is not leaving.He can no longer ejaculate because of the level of intense discomfort.Also,if he tries to engage in sex without ejaculation,he cannot because he will now ejaculate with little stimulation.This is a relatively new symptom.I am writing you because he feels that no traditional medical professional will be able to diagnose or help him in an acceptable manner(we don't go for surgery and drugs,generally)and told me to connect with you if I felt it.Well,I feel it and would like to hear back from you with any questions you may have.If you write back,he will be really happy.I love him and our sexual expression very much and am quite concerned for his health.I would very much appreciate your response.Thank you.


You’re describing the symptoms of sexual exhaustion,a problem that impacts millions of men to varying degrees.The reproductive system becomes so overworked that it can no longer function properly,and before you know it,you’re faced with symptoms ranging from genital pain to premature ejaculation,lost sensitivity to diminished mental clarity.In fact,sexual exhaustion is not unlike physical exhaustion.

What happens if you spend all day engaging in any in rigorous activity?You become tired,listless,disoriented,perhaps a bit dizzy.Your immune system weakens,your breathing becomes shallow,and you may even feel soreness throughout your body.

Sexual exhaustion works the same way,but is typically isolated to the reproductive system.Most men would prefer physical exhaustion,because the cure is as simple as a good night’s sleep.Unfortunately,you can’t sleep your way to healthier ejaculation.If we don’t address the problem right away,the symptoms will only get progressively worse.

The Causes of Sexual Exhaustion

Sexual exhaustion is a complex and multifaceted affliction for a man.First,the constant ejaculation depletes important hormones like testosterone,DHEA and nitric oxide,all of which are essential to healthy sexual function.And while the good hormones are lost,the bad hormones take over.Cortisol,DHT,prostaglandin E2…these inflammatory hormones cause inflammation to the prostate,contributing to severe throbbing sensations,ejaculatory difficulties and even urinary incontinence.

When the inflammatory hormones take over in the absence of healthy sex hormones,it’s as if the parents left town and the kids threw a party…you know that at the very least,a couple of lamps are going to get broken.Just hope the kids don’t burn the entire house down.

The Simple Treatment for Sexual Exhaustion

The remedy here is twofold:Less sexual release and direct treatment of the symptoms.Herbs like Vitagenone have been shown to effectively treat the adrenal and mitochondrial damage caused by over-masturbation,so I would recommend an herbal preparation with Vitagenone and similar ingredients.(SEE:Mitochondria for Fatigue Recovery)Finally,tell him to save the sexual release for the moments that truly count(i.e.when you’re alone together and in the throes of passion),and over time,he should begin to notice a dramatic reduction in symptoms.

With a bit of diligence,he’ll be back to his old self in no time.Because for a man,painful sex without ejaculation is not much different than a kick to the testicles.And who wants that?

What to do

Always Tired?Time To Get Energy Drink For Your Mitochondria

Young people that abusively masturbated before puberty often resulted in an unexplainable chronic fatigue and soreness that would plaque them later in life,which collectively known as mitochondria fatigue or exhaustion.

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