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Overcoming Seminal Leakage and Weak Erections

A young man using herbal supplements is still experiencing symptoms of erectile dysfunction.
Case #: 1251

I am 18, and I have been using an herbal mood and sexual performance booster. My eyesight has gotten a lot better, and it even helped my arthritis. I can hold my hand still without it shaking. My mind also feels a lot smoother and faster. I can achieve a very good 12-o'clock erection, but it does not stay up for that long, and I leak precum.

Most men have difficulty triggering or sustaining an erection at some point in their lives, but for some, the issue becomes a recurring theme. Unsustainable erections and erections that are too soft for intercourse are issues that can affect men at any age, for a wide variety of reasons. Many cases of weak erections, also known as erectile dysfunction, can often be traced back to a physical cause. However, psychological factors such as nervousness and performance anxiety may also play a role in causing or exacerbating erectile problems.
What Causes Weak Erections?

Some traumatic injuries and chronic illnesses can impair circulation or neurological impulses. Diabetes, multiple sclerosis, atherosclerosis (when the arteries harden), cardiovascular disease, and other condition can all contribute to weak erections. Certain prescription medications that interfere with normal hormone levels can also have unwanted sexual side effects.
In younger men, one common cause for weak erections is excessive ejaculation, which drains the body of hormones and other chemicals necessary for continued sexual activity. Masturbation or sex at a higher frequency than a person's body can sustain over a period of months or years can cause prolonged deficiencies in these resources, making sex more difficult and less rewarding until they are allowed the necessary time to replenish themselves.
Other lifestyle choices also play an important role in regulating normal sexual function. A good diet and regular exercise can help sustain a healthy libido and strong erections. Excessive alcohol consumption, smoking, and recreational drug use have all been linked to a higher risk of erectile dysfunction, since these substances have long-term effects on blood circulation and neurological function.
How to Stay Up Longer

If you have an underlying condition that effects blood flow throughout the body or the neurological impulses that pass between the brain and the penis, it would be best to ask a doctor how to address the problem effectively and safely. As always, please speak with a licensed medical professional to assess possible drug interactions before taking multiple herbal supplements together, or before taking herbal supplements alongside prescription medications.
Since erectile problems are so common, there are a number of treatments available to address them, including natural herbal supplements for excessive precum and seminal leakage. (TRY: Seminal Leakage Stop and Erection Restoration) The herb cornus officinalis is thought to treat these symptoms, as well as buzzing ear, weak limbs, and other adverse effects of sexual exhaustion. Some men also find that herbs with calming properties help them reduce anxiety and other negative feelings about sexual performance.

What to do

Stop Performance Anxiety & Seminal Leakage with Cornus Officinalis

Learn how to put an end to excessive seminal leakage.

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