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The Right Combination to Fix Penile Dysfunctions: Which is right for you?

His decrease in penile size and weak erections remain causes for concern.

Case #: 29181


I have been masturbating since the age of 14 around 9-10 times a week. Sometimes more. I have a very weak erection. Not strong enough to have sex with. My penis size has also decreased greatly. I suffer from a weak bladder (urine drops continue to come out for a long time after urination) and seminal emissions also come out very quickly. Seminal emissions come out very quickly after thinking about sex. I am also very weak physically and have very little muscular build on my arms. I visited your site and looked at the many different cases in which a variety of medicines have been listed.

Please prescribe a solution for me.

How long will it take to solve?

How can I solve my urine problem?

Will I begin to gain strength after taking medication?


Masturbation has its thrills and purposes, from alleviating stress to allowing you to explore and understand the body. Except you overindulged in the activity. Your desires have caused penile shrinkage and weak erections. Why? Because your body is so exhausted from sex that it cannot produce the necessary hormones and neurochemicals to power your erection or maintain a normal penis size.

Sexual Vitality and the Water Well

Think of your sex vitality as a water well. The well has a limited supply of water it can hold. Use too much water and you must wait for the water to be replenished. Likewise, if you masturbate or engage in sex too much, your hormone balance becomes depleted. It can only be balanced when the body refrains from sex.

Too much sex depletes testosterone, serotonin, dopamine, and acetylcholine, hormones and neurotransmitters essential to sexual function. When these neurochemicals become depleted, the brain cannot send the penis the proper signals to prepare for sex, leading to weak erections and penis shrinkage.

In order to replenish these neurochemicals, you must refrain from all sexual activity—that means no porn, masturbation, or intercourse.

The body is in a state of exhaustion and needs to heal. By refraining from masturbation, your body can gain the necessary rest it needs to return to normal sexual activity. In addition to rest, try all-natural supplements or tincture to help boost your body’s detoxification process.

Your liver’s productivity becomes diminished after years of masturbation. When the liver production slows, it cannot eliminate the excess hormone levels exuded during sex. By improving liver production, you can start to notice a return to normal hormone levels.

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