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I Need My Man to Improve—His size, Not Endurance

Her love for her fiancé has led her to look for enhancement products.

Case #: 30033


I love my soon-to-be husband. He is everything I want in a man—everything except size. He can please me just fine, and his endurance is world-class. But at times, I want to feel a bigger length penetrate me. Sometimes I wish his length were an inch or two longer. A longer length would ensure better G-spot stimulation. Too, a longer length would make it much easier for my partner and me to try length-necessary positions, i.e. doggy. Each time we engage in certain positions, such as doggy, I notice my fiancé constantly slips out, interrupting our lovemaking. Added length will surely eliminate the problem. What can he take?


Asking your man to take penile enhancement products can be a delicate subject to discuss. Men place a high value on size. It’s the psychological importance that matters to men. Some men strut confidently with an average sized penis; others do not. Still, if you feel absolutely necessary for him to increase his size, all-natural solutions and techniques do exist.

Yeah, Size Matters
Size matters as much as technique or endurance. Smaller penis sizes make it cumbersome to engage in certain positions. Everything from the doggy to the reverse missionary can be difficult to perform or less than pleasing for a woman.

In your case, the exasperation seems obvious. If he were an inch or two larger, your orgasm would be much more appeasing. Now, gaining the necessary size can be a complicated feat.

Pumps can rupture blood vessels and lead to impotence, while injections and penile weights can cause serious injuries. Your best bet would be all-natural products that help grow the penile tissue naturally while pumping more blood into the penile chambers for added size.

Combined with tissue-growing effects and enhanced blood flow, you will feel a much bigger size penetrate and massage your most sensitive areas.

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