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Pencil Penis–Jelqing Your Junk to Death

Here we find a gentleman who has noticed something…and it’s not good;his penis size has taken a turn for the worse.Now it’s getting smaller and smaller.How can he reverse this frightening trend?



I just started to notice that I have difficulties with my erection.I have experienced this maybe because I have done jelqing exercises in the past.I saw that in the past blood would come out of my penis and erections were not as hard as before.They slowly started to become less and less hard than before.I have also noticed something even scarier,my penis size has changed.I am wondering if I should get any tests done or if there is a way to increase my penis health and blood flow to the penis to get my penis back to normal.Any help would be great.Thank you.


When I was a kid I played little league baseball and was pretty good at it by most accounts.Kids on other school’s teams would tremble with fear when they had to come across me on their way from 2nd to 3rd base.Or perhaps they were just swatting mosquitos away?Anyway,I was quite the tall,lanky,goofy looking short-stop.

I also had an apparent fixation with a particular pair of high-topped socks that I chose to wear for every game.No,I didn’t just wear them from time to time;I wore those bad boys every time,all the time.I even found myself in the shower with them at one point(don’t ask).Yes,even now I get a little teary-eyed[sniff]when thinking about those nice little long,white…well,off-white…well actually,semi-brown,socks.

Against my mother’s advice,and eventual insistence,I didn’t replace them as the years wore on.This resulted in not only a peculiar smell which began to emanate from them,but also the deterioration of their elasticity as the threading became compromised.In the end,I had to retire my beloved socks because they became unwearable,even after I’d tried to wear rubber bands around them.

Worn Out

Just as I wore out those poor old socks,through rigorous activity men can wear out their penises.Each year,thousands of men dissatisfied with the size of their junk,look for ways of increasing their size.One popular and often misused technique is Jelqing,in which a man jerks,strokes,and milks his penis like a cow’s nipple.

This is a potentially hazardous practice since many men are too rough with their wieners,or engage in it for too long.This in turn can result in severe tears of not only penile tissues and nerves,but also blood vessels,resulting in pain,bruising,bleeding,and a loss of penis size.

So how can a guy such as yourself hope to reverse these seemingly insurmountable issues?


Since Jelqing is the primary cause of your suffering,it would be wise to halt milking your junk into oblivion.Most men need an extra boost in order to fully counteract the damage inflicted on themselves,and that’s where taking a potent botanical solution comes in.(SEE:Lotions for Penile Enhancement and Recovery)The unique characteristics of these all-natural remedies can penetrate deep into the penis,bypassing fatty subcutaneous layers.This enables their specialized nutrients to bond with penile tissues and nerves on a cellular level in order to begin repairing and rejuvenating them.

Eventually,a man can begin to notice a return to his former size,as not only are the elastic penile blood chambers elongated,but growth factors such as HGH and testosterone help to restore sexual vigor.

So turn in that pencil penis for a nice new pipe,and return to the sexual beast you once were!

What to do

Herbal Lotion For Penile Tissue Recovery&Enhancement

Penile injuries remain one of the most common sex-related problems a man can experience.Penile injuries,known as fractures by urologist,can prevent the corpora cavernosa from holding blood.

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