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Bad Sex: Each Time We Engage In Certain Positions, Such as Doggy, I Notice My Fiance Constantly Slips Out Because of His Size

Here's the story of a woman who has a man with almost everything... except the penis length she desires. What can she do to help him please her better? Read on, get the facts, and find out what you can do if you find yourself in a similar situation.
Case #: 790

I love my soon-to-be husband. He is everything I want in a man—everything except size. He can please me just fine, and his endurance is world-class. But at times, I want to feel a bigger length penetrate me. Sometimes I wish his length were an inch or two longer. A longer length would ensure better G-spot stimulation. Too, a longer length would make it much easier for my partner and me to try length-necessary positions, i.e. doggy. Each time we engage in certain positions, such as doggy, I notice my fiancé constantly slips out, interrupting our lovemaking. Added length will surely eliminate the problem. What can he take?

Quick: what is the average length and diameter of an erect human penis?
If you happened to have the answer already (5.5 inches by 4.8 inches), congratulations. For everyone else, just how long did it take for you to look the information up on the Internet? Probably less than a minute, if you know how to use search-terms properly.
Case Study Highlights

Summary: A 21-year-old man wants to correct the size of his penis, and thanks to Herballove experts, he has. Find out how you too can improve the size of your penis with the following solutions and techniques, and for even better results, leave me your comments below.
Your Solution: Natural Penile Chamber Growth & Enlargement
Helpful Guide: Penis Enlargement Guide & Technique Overview
Certain Minimums

This is one of the marvelous aspects of life in the 21st century: unparalleled access to information that would have been nearly impossible to find, let alone study, as recently as three or four decades ago. The worm in the apple, unfortunately, is that access to such information can lead to dissatisfaction. No man who knows the above statistics can avoid wondering if he's average, and no sexually-active woman can avoid at least thinking about those numbers whenever she sees... or feels... her lover's penis. While it is possible for men to compensate if they come up short down there (involving techniques to make the most of what he's got, as well as using alternates like fingers or tongue), there are some women for whom there's just no substitute for a longer-than-average penis.
Under The Hood

Erections are created when blood is forced into the corpus cavernosum and corpus spongiosum and kept there instead of simply flowing through it like it would do for any other organ in the body. Increasing length or girth or both requires adjustments to the hormones levels involved in triggering and sustaining erections, as well as repairing residual damage to blood vessels that restricts blood flow and assisting the tissues themselves to hold more blood for longer periods.
It sounds complicated and well beyond the ability of the average man to address on his own, but given appropriate research the real barrier is sorting through all the misinformation. Thousands of companies around the world capitalize on this error, touting products (creams, lotions and penis pumps, to name but three) or services (the less said about which, the better) that claim to solve the problem. The truth is that most of these options offer considerable risk alongside an exorbitant price tag.
Short-term gains may come at the cost of increased long-term harm, especially through misuse: “If I get this much of an effect from using this much of the cream, then surely I'll get even better results if I slather on twice as much! ” or “My penis gets this big when I set the pump here, so if I turn it up a notch, it's got to make my penis even bigger and wider!” Gentlemen: the recommended dosages and times are printed on the labels for very good reasons, and the suppliers came to them through a lot of careful research. Change them at your peril, and remember that it isn't the supplier's penis that you're risking.
What Will Do The Job

Fortunately, there are well-researched techniques, such as Penile Ballooning and X-Spot Massage and Nourishment, that will produce desired results with minimal side-effects when practiced appropriately. In combination with using all-natural herbal supplements, a man can make observable increases in length in a matter of weeks. (SEE: Penile Chamber Growth) As a bonus, this supplement and technique regimen costs barely a fraction of most other possible options, with almost no real risk of causing irreparable damage.
Take the time to do it right. Trust in the process, and trust that your gains come through healthy methods that will withstand the test of time.

What to do

Botanical Concoction for Penile Tissue Rejuvenation & Growth

There are many ways to enhance and enlarge the size of the penis. Methods with relatively faster results also carry higher risks. With this formula, you can safely grow your penis without the added risks.
Natural Penile Chamber Growth & Enlargement

Stop worrying about the size of your penis and start taking Natural Penile Chamber Growth & Enlargement

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