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A gentleman has discovered that his youthful masturbation has cost him an inch to his erections, among other things. What's happened, and how can he restore his vigor? Read on and find out!

Case #: 1386


I myself am a 41 year old male. I have eye floaters from over masturbating when I was young. My penis size has decreased by 1 inch. I also have premature ejaculation, an over sensitivity penis. Is it possible to rejuvenate and enlarge my penis so it can be back to its normal size and I can last longer?


Anthropologists tell us that masturbation has been around for tens of thousands of years. Biologists will even point out that there are documented cases of non-humans like dolphins masturbating, and most of us have seen dogs humping legs. It's natural and practically universal and harmless, right?

Masturbation Is Almost Universal

Well, not completely. Like any other biological activity, masturbation consumes resources, generates waste products and leaves wear and tear on the body. While it's quite healthy up to a certain point, the body can't take that kind of strain for very long without resting, replenishing and repairing.

This Is Why They Call It 'Self Abuse'

You need to keep a particular volume of water in your body, but you can drown yourself internally by drinking too much. You need to exercise to keep your body healthy, but you can push yourself too far beyond your limits and hurt yourself badly. And you can, in fact, have too much sex or masturbation. Consider the basic biological mechanics of your erection: blood gets forced into the corpus cavernosum and corpus spongiosum to form your erection, like air into a tire. Unlike your tires, your penis is supposed to deflate after use, but like the tire, your penis will wear out very quickly if you inflate it and deflate it repeatedly over a short span of time.

You may not see any visible damage on the outside, but the tissues inside your penis can develop tiny leaks, decreasing the amount of hydraulic pressure available to form your erections. These leaks can heal quickly if you give your penis time and nutrients to do so, but not if you masturbate more than once every other two or three days. You may also generate tiny layers of scar tissue or plaque on the inner surface of your penis blood vessels, reducing the amount of blood that can get to any particular cell or portion of important tissue.

Stop The Cycle

Fixing the problem is relatively easy, but does mean that you will need to exercise some self-discipline. If you're sexually active or masturbating more than once per day, you need to ease back as much as you can. Your penis' ability to heal works best if you don't ejaculate at all for around three weeks solid, but any reduction down to no more than once every three days or so will be enough to let your penis recover at least a little bit. Cutting back on saturated fats and “bad” cholesterol will also help, as will engaging in a moderate exercise program; with some of those extra empty calories and fats in your system burned off, your blood will circulate more freely, especially in your penis.

Given that your shrinkage matches with a “Very Severe” stage (25% or more length loss), I can recommend that you take an all-natural herbal supplement designed to restore your erection to its previous size and perhaps even bigger. (SEE: Natural Formula for Penile Growth and Tissue Rejuvenation) It does this by assisting the body's natural regenerative abilities within the damaged tissues as well as reconstructing damaged nerve endings and re-balancing your hormone levels.

The last bit of advice is to remind yourself that it took a long time for things to get this bad, and it will take at least some time for you to recover. Be patient and exercise the self-discipline that you've learned since you were younger, and your sex life will recover.

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