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A Damaged Penis Equals a Shrunken Penis

He damaged his penis and now it shrunk. He needs help!

Case #: 370


I read (and found) several methods for enhancing my penis size. Shots filled with silicon seemed both expensive and painful. Penile pumps were a bit too costly—not to mention unsafe. While penile stretches provided results, the duration and dedication seemed too much for me. Instead, I decided to try penile weightlifting. According to the weightlifting website, I could stretch my penis size by about an inch or two in little time. I saw the videos. I read the testimonials. I even signup on the forums to address my safety concerns. All the community members agreed: the method is safe so long as I do not exceed the weight limit.

Despite my efforts to keep myself safe, I feel as if I made a mistake in trying to enhance my size. Now, my penis is bruised. My sensation is non-existent. Even my erections do not feel the same. The worst part is that I have noticed my erections have shrunk. What have I done to myself?


Stretches, pumps, shots and weights all can rupture the blood vessels and damage nerve endings of the penis. You are not alone. Thousands of men suffer from the same circumstance. In your state, your penis has suffered traumatic injury.

You may be unable to gain an adequate erection due to the damage to the blood vessel your weights have caused. As for the shrinkage, the penis has taken severe damage causing tissue to become bruised and ruptured.

Damage Caused by Weights
Weights distort the nervous cells, fibers and synapses in the corpora, the area where nitric oxide and dilator cGMP are released. When these functions are disrupted, essential neurotransmitters needed to power an erection are blocked, giving the appearance of a weak, small penis.

Because penile weights work on the premise that if the tissue is destroyed, the tissue cells will re-grow and enhance size. Except in most cases, the tissue cells do not re-grow but instead stay bruised and damaged. When the penis regains its erectile capacity, the erection may never be as hard—or as large—as it once was.

Taking The Proper Steps
You need to stop using the weights. They caused severe destruction on your penile tissues and now you’re paying for it. Your body will need the necessary nutrients to repair the damage. Even with the right nutrients, you still will need months of rehab to repair the damage.

For an added boost, take the full advantage of healing herbs from MotherNature (SEE: Penile Injury & Damage Repair)that provide nutrients most foods cannot. Supplements too provide the body with an added boost needed to recover faster from an injury.

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