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Breaking Through the Fog–Is Your Prostate Killing Your Mental Clarity?

Popular prostate medications were causing him to experience the common symptoms of brain fog.Learn the connection,and get the facts about prostate health.



I was on Finasteride several years ago and it gave me some severe brain fog.I'm not sure if brain fog I get periodically today is from that or not.Are you familiar with this side effect and how to treat?This fog is just like memory loss and I am not happy about that.


Brain fog affects just about everybody at one time or another.The lack of mental clarity,the lost focus,the forgetfulness,the daydreaming,the melancholy emotions,the visions of three-headed dragons off in the distance(that last one might just be me).When the problem of mental fog is persistent,though,it usually indicates a more serious underlying problem.In your case,I think you already have a firm understanding of what's happening.Prostate medications—particularly 5-alpha reductase inhibitors—have been shown to promote the symptoms you're experiencing.I mean,what's the point of having a healthy prostate if your mind is off in Narnia?

Prostate Medications and Brain Fog–The Causal Link

Popular prostate medications can create a DHT deficiency in the brain.This happens when testosterone is turned into estrogen to desensitize your DHT receptors.To put it more simply,your brain is depleted of necessary chemicals,which means soon brain no work so good.Come to think of it,I should probably speak in short sentences.You need a liver/nervous detox.This will help.You'll rejuvenate your neuro-endocrine function.Also your liver function.Then you'll produce more prostaglandin E-1/E-3 and nitric oxide.That will allow you to heal.This is good.Okay,enough with the short sentences.

Finding the Right Solution

If I just threw a bunch of unfamiliar words at you,don't worry.You don't need any crazy,expensive pharmaceuticals from Canada,and you don't need to visit a physician for a traumatic detoxing procedure.All you need is a targeted herbal remedy to help improve your cognition.(TRY:Prostate Health Regeneration Formula)For instance,Acetyl-L-Carnitine can help to improve your memory,Ginkgo can increase your nitric oxide production(and restore your mood),and Gotu Kola can enhance the flow of oxygen to your brain.

Finally,if you're still suffering from occasional prostatitis(prostate inflammation),I would advise that you seek alternative ways of promoting your prostate health.Skip the pharmaceuticals,or you may find yourself back in that cloudy mental state.Fortunately,there are herbs that can treat prostate enlargement and inflammation,and the solution to your problem may be as simple as cutting back on the masturbation and sexual activity(I know,no guy likes to hear that,but we sometimes forget how much strain ejaculation can put on our bodies).Once the fog clears,you'll feel much better.

What to do

Golden Brain Food Elixir for Better Cognition&Execution

Improve the production of your Acetyl-L-Carnintine to see better cognative function.

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