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Anti-Depressants Leaving You Depressed in the Sex Department?

His use of anti-depressants have caused low libido and weak erections, leaving him even more depressed.

Case #: 29133


I have taken SSRIs (anti-depressants) for several years now. Now, as a 32-year old male, I feel as if the drugs have negatively affected me. Over the last few months, I have noticed my sex life deteriorate. I used to engage in sex regularly, but now, I feel no desires for it.

My erections are unsustainable, while my ejaculations are uncontrollable. Even my partner feels frustrated by my lack of sexual interests. I know I need the drugs to keep me stable, but how I can maintain a healthy sexual lifestyle in my current situation?


SSRIs serve their purpose: helping you feel happy. While the drugs act as an effective means for improving your happiness, they too alter your body’s chemistry, which in turn ruins your sexual desires. The problem, caused by depression, is the main concern. How do you improve your own mental sanity? That is a question only you can answer.

Find what makes you happy. Readjust your mentality to combat the struggles of life without drugs. Just remember, everyone is different, and maybe your dependency on drugs is a necessary evil. Or maybe you can find alternative therapies to help you cope with depression. Whatever plan of action you decide, here is an overview of solutions and dangers of SSRIs.

Brian Alteration
SSRIs alter your brain chemistry. In the short-term, it’s great for feeling elated. In the long-term, your body can become too dependent on the drugs. Dependency can lead to stronger feelings of depression, while the chemistry alteration can ruin your sex drive.

But why do these drugs leave your sex life in a dilapidated state? Well, SSRIs block the re-uptaking of serotonin and norepinephrine. The blockage produces an unbalance that leaves serotonin trapped in the interneurons.

Meanwhile, the neurotransmitter acetylcholine in the parasympathetic and sympathetic nerves is partially blocked too. What’s so important about these chemical processes? Think of them as messengers from the brain to the hormones to the penis. When these signals become misdirected, misread, or misfired, the result can leave you with weak erections, premature ejaculations, and low libido.

How to Regain Stability
Depression is a difficult condition to treat. It starts with the individual vehemently believing and accepting that he will improve. Once the belief of improvement is established, treatment options can looked at.

Aside from treatment options for depression, you need to balance your serotonin levels to combat your sexual dysfunctions. Herbal supplements formulated to improve erection quality and supply omega & serotonin will help stabilize these levels quickly. However, when taking these supplements, you must refrain from any sexual activity to allow your body to heal properly.

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